Editorial: Is this the right program to study?
When it comes to deciding what you’re spending a long period of your life doing, trust your intuition, and believe yourself.

The winter semester’s reading week is over, and just a week later, applications for program of study (PoST) will open. Term tests and assignments have been graded and returned, and being more than halfway through the semester, you’re aware of what your courses are about, how challenging they may be, and importantly, how interesting they are to you.

For some students, such matters simply fuel their ambitions and reinforce their existing views about their future. They’ve chosen the program that is right for them, and while it may be difficult at times, they’re doing something that is invigorating and inspiring, allowing them plow through even the toughest moments.

But for others, perhaps this is a time to evaluate whether or not you are suited for the program you are in or intend to apply for. If you are struggling with your classes, you will need to honestly decide whether you’ve put in the effort needed to succeed. If so, do you find any parts of what you’re studying interesting, and are you willing to dive deeper into them in the future? 

Every career path differs, but they all require you to draw some degree of contentment and satisfaction in the work you do. Not all parts of the winding path will be enjoyable. With those that are, you recharge yourself by feeling proud and satisfied; and with those that aren’t, you use stored energy to work through it.

Everyone has different considerations in their university studies. There are financial constraints, familial needs, and various personal issues that can impact your decision on what program you will pursue. But one thing is certain: when it comes to what you are studying, what you aspire to accomplish, and what you will spend a lot of your life doing, it is your truthful, heartfelt opinion that matters the most. 

If you sense that something doesn’t feel right about what you’re studying, don’t ignore it and force yourself to make career switches down the line—you’re not getting any of that time back. Trust what your inner voice has to say, believe in your instincts, and when you’ve decided on what you want to do, give it everything you’ve got to make your dreams come true.


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