Editorial: Welcoming you as you are
At The Medium, your voice is heard.

The first and most fundamental role of The Medium is to put student voices on display for all to see. Our platform ensures everyone is heard, if they choose to speak. This week, we at The Medium, wish nothing more than to hear about your stories and your struggles. We hope this issue celebrates the lives and legacies of 2SLGBTQI+ peoples, and we hope the future brings more of these powerful voices and stories into our community. 

For those of us who have the privilege to reveal our minds and bodies honestly, for what they are—know that you are always welcome at The Medium

For those of us who maintain our veil of safety, camouflaging gauze and scars under our shirts and only clasping the hands of our lovers in the dark—know that you too are always welcome here. 

For those of us who have not been granted the right to speak, dare to whisper. For those of us who have been allowed to speak, dare to shout. Shout for those of us who are kept silent, whether by fear of judgement, loss, violence, homelessness, isolation, or death. Shout for the lost and murdered trans women of colour, shout for the queer people who never got access to the healthcare that they needed. Shout for the people who have been shunned by their workplaces, communities, and families for being who they are. Shout for these people because they cannot tell their own stories anymore. Make demands for the queer community. Demand space, demand time, and demand support. 

Speak your demands and have the community hear them. Let us hear your stories.


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