Sunday, October 25, 2020

After years of anticipation, Blackpink drops The Album

An album titled The Album may sound questionable, but for fans of the K-pop girl group Blackpink, it's a statement. The title announces the long-awaited arrival of Blackpink's first full-length album four years after their debut, Square One.

U of T research teams work to increase pandemic response efficiency

Research teams from several University of Toronto departments have undertaken innovative projects to understand and combat Covid-19. Earlier this month, Scott Gray-Owen, a molecular genetics professor at the Temerty faculty of medicine, received the Minister of College and Universities’ Awards of Excellence. Professor Gray-Owen’s research has significantly advanced the province’s reaction and management of Covid-19, making Ontario a safer place in these trying times.

Niki’s Moonchild embraces the unknown

In a time where half the Earth's population is daydreaming to escape, and the other half is denying it's already October, Niki's Moonchild couldn't have graced us at a more perfect moment. Her album not only deviates from the music we're used to hearing from Niki, but it represents a fresh chapter in her musical career—personal growth through experimentation.

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