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Sunday, February 17, 2019

UTMSU releases survey

On Friday, the UTMSU began to send out their Task Force Survey with the hopes of hearing personal recounts from students where they or...

The equity centre will provide a safe and inclusive space for marginalized and minority students

The consultation gave students an opportunity to provide feedback on the current sexual harassment policy

Construction work on The Meeting Place continues in the Davis building. According to...

An open invitation to our AGM

For those who aren’t aware, we are hosting our Annual General Meeting on February 28th. I urge students who are active readers of our content—and those who aren’t­­—to come and participate.An AGM is an open forum for you. It’s our...

Widows: four women, one impossible heist

Widows offers a rare take on the contemporary caper and proves to be both enthralling and flat at times. It sees the widows of...

Theatre Erindale’s third-year theatre and drama studies class presents a production exploring social issues

Roman Holiday, directed by William Wyler, is a romantic comedy starring Gregory Peck and...

Broken is a collection of autobiographical short stories written by former University of...

What is going on with the weather lately?

In the past two weeks, the GTA has witnessed seemingly unstable weather conditions.  Due to these extreme weather conditions, University of Toronto Mississauga closed...

Our Ad Manager’s perspective on a networking night event

Name: Vanessa CesarioPosition at The Medium: Sports Editor

The Medium catches up with Dr. Jordache A. Ellapen, who joined the UTM faculty in 2018

Knights defeat eagles by fourteen

This Saturday, February 9 the UTM men’s varsity basketball team went toe-to-toe with the Niagara College Knights. Although a game fought with heart, the...

The UTM Eagles were defeated 103-64 by the Niagara Knights

Noor Aldoori is seen as a leader both on and off the soccer pitch, with a true passion for the game

The new Canada Food Guide has omitted the dairy section and decreased the intake of meat

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