Thursday, January 21, 2021

UTM Academic Affairs Committee discuss registrar’s updates

Lorretta Neebar, registrar and director of enrollment management at UTM, presented the enrollment report for the current academic year and discussed changes adopted by the office following Covid-19 pandemic safety guidelines

Warner Bros. and HBO Max threaten the fate of movie theatres in landmark deal

Christopher Nolan headlines a list of filmmakers who are no longer bros with the studio. The deal reflects a continuing trend within the film industry: shortening the time between a film’s theatrical release and its release for at-home viewing, also known as the “theatrical window"

We should blame our governments for the pandemic failure—not the other way around

The successes of New Zealand and China prove that our elected leaders were able to do better but didn’t

U.S. Capitol siege: What happens when the online bubble pops?

Perhaps I’m being optimistic, but I think we’ve finally hit rock bottom.

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