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Friday, October 20, 2017

College strike impacts joint programs

The province-wide public college strike will affect UTM students who are in joint programs with Sheridan College. Their Oakville campus offers courses for students enrolled...

The committee comes as part of President Gertler’s compromise to not fully divest from fossil fuels

Peterson claimed that men cannot stand up to “crazy women” because they can’t resort to violence

U of T and the city of Toronto to collaborate on future plans

Sexual abuse needs to end now

While I was away in Ottawa this past reading week visiting my friends, I, like many, read the news about Harvey Weinstein.If you don’t know who Harvey Weinstein is, he’s the co-founder of the film studio The Weinstein Company, alongside his brother Bob Weinstein....

It’s okay not to have your entire future figured out—take your time, you’ll be alright

Modern Love: The Podcast

As I worked long hours at my summer job, I experimented with different storytelling podcasts—and by far the best one I found was The...

Jamie Robinson and David Matheson discuss Theatre Erindale’s contemporary-based season

Department of Language Studies brings Italian actors Andrea Renzi and Nicoletta Braschi to campus

As Halloween nears, these three chilling horror flicks are not recommended for the faint-hearted

How to respond to abuse and neglect

In the background paper published in November 2006 for the International Policy Forum on Family Violence, Dr. Christine Walsh, from the University of Calgary,...

Syrian students were paired with Helping Hand mentors as part of an English tutoring program

Joel Cahn, instructor for the FSC481 course at UTM, discusses the importance of experience

The Amnesty International club begins again this year at UTM with Siddharta Sengupta as president

The powerful advantages of proteins

It seems that whenever people are looking to lose weight, they are told to work out, avoid sugar, have a low-fat diet, and eat...

UTM women’s basketball team played their final exhibition game against the George Brown Huskies

With exam season around the corner, improving brain memory will serve to be very beneficial

UTM’s varsity women’s soccer travels north to Sudbury to face Cambrian Golden Shield in league match

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