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Monday, January 23, 2017

Effect of Trump’s victory on Canada

An opinion article  by Steven Zhou for CBC on January 15 titled, “Canadian campuses see an alarming rise in right-wing populism,” stated that in...
U of T and CUPE3902 are expected to meet this September to discuss further agreements
The Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology is looking to expand their department...
After almost five years of lobbying with the administration, UTMSU has announced on their...

Focusing on mental health

I’m sure that plenty of us have seen the commercials for Bell Let’s Talk this year on TV. Various celebrities and families discuss their struggle with mental health or how they have grown to understand more about it through those in their life who...
Chris Hardwick’s novel helps creatives understand what it means to just go for it

Transforming movement into art

What do flagged pages in books, infrared eye-tracking, and hand gestures all have in common? Artist Julien Prévieux’s exhibition at Blackwood Gallery, The Elements...
Cultural Show ends UTMSU’s Culture Fest with a vibrant display of student performances
Hart House reinvents Stephen King’s cult classic, Carrie
In 1990, Richard Wagamese won the National Newspaper Award for Column Writing, the first...

The Ph.D. grind: beyond the lab bench

Perhaps the word “scientist” conjures up an image of an individual, huddled in a lab coat, spending hours in a small lab space, hidden...
Last Saturday, Ramadan delivered a lecture titled “Creating Thriving Societies in Troubling Times”
Last Monday, the library hosted a seminar to help attendees assess the validity of sources
WISE’s conference hosted over 250 delegates, two competitions, and multiple workshops

O captain! my captain! leads way

Christina Rico, a fifth-year double major in sociology and linguistics, currently serves as the newly-appointed captain of the UTM varsity women’s soccer team.She began...
Danielle Bruel enlightens students on the positive effects meditation has on the body and mind
UTM signs female coaches for women’s OCAA basketball
Cricket, the world-renown sport, has participation and talent levels grow to new heights at UTM

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