In the fall of 2020, The Medium aired season 1, episode 1 of The Medium/The Message. It was a conversation between Liz and friends about all things related to student life. Since then, The Medium/The Message developed into poignant reflections that attempt to understand society & student life through stories.

New episodes are released biweekly from September to April. Season 2 features interviews with professors and experts on topics such as privilege, social media, finance, relationships, and more.

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Season 2

It’s been a while, but we’re back, baby! Welcome to Season 2 of The Medium/The Message with your hosts Elizabeth (Liz) Provost and Elisa Nguyen. For our first episode, Liz and Elisa explore the McLuhan phrase, “The Medium is the Message,” with the help of special guest Beth Coleman, ICCIT professor and author of “Hello, Avatar,” and reflect on the ways print media can influence our community. You’ll also hear about the history of The Medium, and what’s new this upcoming year.
Social media platforms began with simple intentions to connect communities and give people a place to express their interests, but one look at the apps today, saturated in algorithms and advertisements, raises suspicions about whether their intentions remain the same. In today’s episode, we reconnect with Jordyn Foster who reveals the ins and outs of algorithms, influencers, and social media diets. Belicia Chevolleau, The Medium‘s Social Media & Online Editor, also makes an appearance and shares a funny online experience. At the end of the episode, Liz and Elisa reflect on their own social media habits and how they portray themselves online.
“You don’t necessarily have to do anything once you acknowledge your privilege,” writes Roxanne Gay in Bad Feminist. What does it mean to acknowledge our privilege? What will happen once we do? Those are the questions we asked Professor Stephen Scharper in an interview. Acknowledging our privilege may be the first step in becoming both self-aware and understanding of the lived experiences of others.

Season 1

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Not much of a reader? We gotcha. Below you’ll find a collection of comics that entertain and provide student commentary about relevant issues.

Zoom, Yikes: No Pants Edition

By: Helen Yu, Comic Artist (Volume 48)

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