Dear Younger Me,

Dear younger me,

You want to grow up so fast and be an adult to be cool. But, adulthood will make you miss your childhood. The moments where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. The moments where you can play in the playground. The moments where you play video games. The moments where you go to camps and classes of hobbies you enjoy.

At first, you may not like it. But, this is what shapes you. The happy-go-lucky, the optimistic, the bubbly and the fun side of you. We can all learn to have fun and take out time to enjoy things we love. Live the life you are living. The feeling of nostalgia is something else when you become older. I will learn from you to be the fun me again instead of being caught up with work all the time. Balancing everything will shape a complete you.


Older me 🙂


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