Editorial: Let passion lead the way
In today’s world, we’re often told that following our dreams should be our number one goal—so long as our dreams adhere to what’s societally acceptable.

When we’re little, we’re given a list of professions that are considered to be worthy of pursuing. We’re told to be teachers, lawyers, and doctors, but never actors, writers, or painters. Very often, creativity is sidelined in favour of perceived practicality. 

This week, as some of you begin your first full week as undergraduate students, and others approach the looming decisions that naturally follow graduation, the team at The Medium wanted to remind you that passion and interest should be at the forefront of your course selection process. High-paying jobs in high-demand fields are great, but these types of positions will never be fulfilling if you don’t enjoy your work. Remember that your degree is your degree. Your studies should be centred around your interests, passions, and goals—not what you may think others expect of you. 

We encourage you to make the most of your university experience: take that elective that interests you or join that club or student group that has nothing to do with what you’re studying (this is especially encouraged if you’re thinking about writing for The Medium!); switch your majors or enroll in a new minor program; take the classes that make you excited to get up and do your morning commute! 

We’re not saying to completely ignore all rationality and change everything about your degree on a whim. We want to remind you that there are millions of opportunities out there, and that oftentimes, following the path that coincides with your passion leads to the most success. 


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