The RAWC’s gameplan for fall sports and activities on campus
An interview with Renu Kanga Fonseca, RAWC director of strategy, on activities available for students in the fall.

The pandemic forced athletic departments and clubs across all University of Toronto campuses to review how to provide sports and wellness services to students. This academic year will look different for everyone, with instructors and UTM community leaders developing innovative, safe, and enriching programs for the student body. Here is how the UTM Recreation, Athletic & Wellness Centre (RAWC) will schedule their activities beginning this fall. 

Located in the William G. Davis building, the RAWC offers virtual programs, drop-in fitness activities, and organized sports. Equipped with a pool, multiple gymnasiums, a suspended track, and fully stocked gym, the RAWC provides students with a wide range of fitness and wellness opportunities.

“Programs will be offered in-person indoors, outdoors, and virtually,” says Renu Kanga Fonseca, the director of strategy and sport wellness at the RAWC. Students can participate in fitness courses like Cycle Fusion and Pilates, as well as drop-in sports like volleyball and soccer. Tri-campus sports tournaments are paused for the fall semester but will resume in the winter semester with tryouts beginning in the late fall. In addition to fitness activities, the RAWC also offers virtual trivia and game nights for students through their social media platforms. 

There are also student employment opportunities available through the RAWC, and accessible through the Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness. “It’s a great place to work and be a part of a great staff team,” explains Fonseca. Students can apply to work-study opportunities like UTM intramurals game manager and RAWC facility attendants, with application deadlines approaching in the first few weeks of September.

“Engaging in physical and other activities through the RAWC is a great way to support your well-being as a student, to build peer connections, and enrich your student experience,” explains Fonseca. Access to the RAWC is given to all students having registered for the fall semester, with students having the opportunity to participate in as many programs as they are interested in and have time for. It is an easy, commitment-free way to destress through the year. Non-student community members are also welcomed at the RAWC, with all membership information accessible on the website. 

The RAWC has introduced new regulations to keep students and members safe over the course of the pandemic with the addition of an enhanced cleaning and sanitizing process for the fitness centre. Additionally, the RAWC staff have done their best to create three metres of space between all the fitness equipment in the facilities. Some services, like the RAWC towel service, are paused until further notice in accordance with provincial health regulations. 

All in-person activities for the fall semester are subject to change with the province’s updates on Covid-19 related health regulations. For in-person activities, students will be required to register through the University of Toronto Recreation website to collect contact tracing information. 

The RAWC is excited to welcome students back for the fall semester. “We love seeing students try new activities,” says Fonseca, “whether it’s a new sport or fitness activity.” To stay informed on the latest hours of operations and programs, be sure to follow the RAWC on Instagram @utm_athletics

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