The M’s Playlist: A Danceable December with Kareena

To me, December is a lot more than just another month of the year. December welcomes the new year with open arms, it signals the holiday season for many, and it invites great reflection. From Spotify Wrapped to YouTube Rewind and Apple Music Replay, we all, in one way or another, look forward to media collections that help us look back on our entire year.

With this playlist, I do just that—reflect. Taking you back to some of my favourite hits from 1965 to 1999, I hope you immerse yourself in the throwback vibes that this playlist has to offer.

Beyond just reflection—these songs symbolize eternity. The TemptationsMy Girl is nearing six decades old and still invokes so many emotions that relate to listeners today. Mariah Carey’s, Whitney Houston’s, and Chaka Khan’s hits span almost three decades of listening, and still, these tracks are in many of our regular rotations. The Jackson 5—otherwise known as “The Jacksons”—continue to hold their legacy and have a special place in many of our hearts.

With this eternity comes longevity, emotion, meaning, and impact. So, I welcome you to a glimpse of some of my favourite impactful hits. These are the songs I always come back to, year after year. 

Remember, you—like these hits, artists, and bands—are entering a new year too. A new year for you to build your legacy. With each action and footstep, you too, leave meaning and impact in not only your life but in the lives of others as well.

Opinion Editor (Volume 49) | — Kareena is a third-year student completing a double-major in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies and Philosophy, and minoring in Forensic Science. She has previously served as the Associate Opinion Editor for Volume 48. Through her involvement and contributions with The Medium, Kareena hopes to foster a safe and trusted space, while encouraging others to let their voices and stories be heard. When Kareena is not writing or studying, you can find her watching true crime mysteries or cooking.


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