Section Editor Thank Yous

In the blink of an eye, we’ve reached the end of the publishing year! I’d like to thank all of you for contributing to Volume 49 of The Medium. During my time as News Editor this year, I’ve learned so much from editing your amazing pieces and interacting with you. At the end of the day, we may hold different views, abide by different principles, and have different habits, but we all share the passion of having our voices heard. Amidst such differences, we came together to write for The Medium, culminating in a year’s worth of issues that serve as evidence of all of your determination and dedication. I hope that all of you can hold on to your passion for journalism and continue writing splendid articles for future volumes of The Medium. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours. 

Contributors: Larry Lau (18), Mihail Cubata (12), Angelina Jaya Siew (11), Emily Rogers (10), Razia Saleh (9), Emily Prete (7), Shreya Joshi (5), Elizabeth Provost (4), Hema Ramnarine (4), Kathleen Xu (4), Yusuf Larizza-Ali (4), Kiara Senanayake (3), Maryam Lela (3), Renee Simran Kaur Mahal (3), Sukaina Rizvi (3), Zitong Chen (3), Aidan Thompson (2), Alisa Samuel (2), Cristina Pincente (2), Danica D’Sa (2), Karine Alhakim (2), Kirsty MacLellan (2), Malavika Puri (2), Mariana Dominguez Rodriguez (2), Pearla Hariri (2), River Knott (2), Sena Yurt (2), Kennealy Nolan (1), Lily Yu (1), Mari Khan (1), Maryam Patel (1), Mashiyat Ahmed (1), Meighan Atkinson (1), Simran Rattanpal (1)

  • Larry Lau, News Editor (Volume 49)

As Volume 49 comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you that brought the Opinion section to life. You have left a footprint in The Medium’s history, and that means more than the world to me and the rest of the editorial team.

To my dear Opinion writers:
Thank you for your contributions, your trust, your vulnerability, and of course, your stories. I am beyond thankful to have had the chance to work with you this year. I will forever carry the memories of our time shared together and will always keep your delicate words close to my heart. 

To Opinion’s supportive readers:
Thank you for giving Opinion a chance, for supporting Opinion through every issue, and for never leaving its side. I hope it never lets you down.

To the illustrators and photographers that helped bring Opinion to life: 
Thank you. Your spirit and artistic hands are woven into every piece of the Opinion section. It beams off of each page, and leaves me in awe every issue.

To our Copy Editors, River and Aidan; our Managing Editor, Juliana; our Editor-in-Chief, Liz, and my fellow section editors:
Thank you for all of your support. Your dedication and passion for your craft are more powerful than you’d ever imagine. 

Thank you all for such an amazing year. It has truly been a pleasure seeing you all bring your passion to life. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for you!

Contributors: Elizabeth Provost (19), Aia Jaber (15), Alan Tran (6), Angelina Jaya Siew (5), Mari Khan (5), Hannah Grace Wang (4), Hema Ramnarine (4), Julia Skoczypiec (4), Juliana Stacey (4), Kirsty MacLellan (4), Kuicmar Phot (4), Malavika Puri (4), Aïssatou Odia Barry (3), Ishaan Sethi (3), Jonathan Divine Angubua (3), Mashiyat Ahmed (3), Prisha (Maneka) Nuckchady (3), Rola Fawzy (3), Tia Cummins (3), Vanessa Bogacki (3), Yasmine Benabderrahmane (3), Zitong Chen (3), Aidan Thompson (2), Cristina Pincente (2), Danica D’Sa (2), Fariha Shimu (2), Kaitlyn Harris (2), Kareena Kailass (2), Larry Lau (2), Lydia C. Rehman (2), Mariana Dominguez Rodriguez (2), River Knott (2), Samira Karimova (2), Tiana Dunkley (2), A.I. Zaritzky (1), Alex Johnson (1), Alisa Samuel (1), Andres Krauss (1), Baamie Dorazahi (1), Bilaal Mohamed (1), Emily Minasvand (1), Hamna Riaz (1), Jestina Hajjar (1), Juan Esteban Lamilla Cuellar (1), Kathleen Xu (1), Kenton Hu (1), Lina Tupak-Karim (1), M.A. (1), Madison Ireland (1), Maja Tingchaleun (1), Manisha Basuita (1), Mannal Qureshi (1), Maryam Lela (1), Maryam Patel (1), Nessma Korideck (1), Olga Fedossenko (1), Paige France (1), Rebecca Kim (1), Santiago Morán (1), Yusuf Larizza-Ali (1)

  • Kareena Kailass, Opinion Editor (Volume 49)

I still remember the day I decided to write an article for The Medium. I was so nervous, and immediately regretted pitching my article idea. But that was until Volume 47’s Features Editor warmly encouraged me, pushing me to keep writing after I published that first article. I could not even picture myself as one of The Medium’s writers, let alone as part of the Editorial Board. Two years later, I’m utterly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to serve as Volume 49’s Features Editor—it’s been an absolute pleasure and a dream come true.

From your incredibly creative pitch ideas to your unique writing styles, you never failed to amaze me. I deeply appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in to write for Features, always coming up with original interviews and unique viewpoints. Working with all of you has been inspiring, fulfilling, and humbling. Going back, looking at the 7o Features articles we’ve published this year, one thing’s for sure: Features couldn’t have done it without you. I hope that you keep writing for and reading The Medium and I am more than excited to see you flourish in your future endeavours.

So, to all the writers, readers, and illustrators, thank you so much for an amazing publishing year—it is one that I’ll cherish.

Contributors: Dalainey Gervais (12), Olga Fedossenko (7), Prisha (Maneka) Nuckchady (6), Elizabeth Provost (4), Alisa Samuel (3), Hema Ramnarine (3), Kareena Kailass (3), Aia Jaber (2), Aïssatou Odia Barry (2), Cristina Pincente (2), Jonina Rai (2), Lina Hassan (2), Malavika Puri (2), Mari Khan (2), Sierra Peca (2), Yusuf Larizza-Ali (2), Abigail Savage (1), Azkka Noor (1), Beatriz Simmas (1), Danica D’Sa (1), Emily Prete (1), Emily Rogers (1), Juan Esteban Lamilla Cuellar (1), Juliana Stacey (1), Justine Hopkiins (1), Kiara Senanayake (1), Larry Lau (1), Madison Ireland (1), Mahera Islam (1), Manisha Basuita (1), Maryam Lela (1), Maryam Patel (1), Melody Yang (1), Meghna Parhar (1), Meghna Patil (1), Michaela Dimitrov (1), Nicole Judd (1), Ottavia Paluch (1), Paige France (1), Pearla Hariri (1), Ruth Baker (1), Shahed Ebesh (1), Shreya Joshi (1), Simran Rattanpal (1), Stephanie Ivanyshyn (1), Sukaina Rizvi (1), Tiana Dunkley (1), Zitong Chen (1)

  • Prisha (Maneka) Nuckchady, Features Editor (Volume 49)

Dear A&E Writers and Readers, 

Can you believe that these are the final pages of The Medium’s Volume 49? For some reason, I found that this year scurried by quicker than others—maybe adulting is just catching up to me. But within the hustle, I have tried to remind myself of the many moments that brighten my days, and editing your articles for A&E did just that. 

To each writer, thank you for your contributions. Your new perspectives on the many art forms that surround us taught me so much. From book reviews by authors that I would have never discovered, to in-depth analyses of TV series and films, your words created a wonderful community. 

To the readers, thank you for engaging with the A&E section. The Medium would not exist without the many keen eyes that browse our pages. 

Thank you to my awesome associates, Megan and Maja, for your wonderful pitches and well-versed writing. It has been a pleasure to work with you both, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 

Finally, to my fellow section editors; copy editors; our Managing Editor, Juliana; and Liz, our Editor-in-Chief, thank you for encouraging me to write, for providing such in-depth edits, and for all the laughs and hectic card games during our socials. You have all impacted me in such a positive way, and I look forward to seeing what each of you do in years to come. 

Annnnnnd that’s a wrap on 49! I can’t wait to read The Medium’s next volume, see A&E shine, and cheer all future writers on. 

Contributors: Julia Skoczypiec (10), Megan Freedman (10), Elizabeth Provost (6), Kuicmar Phot (6), Daanish Alvi (5), Hannah Grace Wang (5), Maja Tingchaleun (5), Aia Jaber (4), Alisa Samuel (4), Cristina Pincente (4), Paige France (4), Rola Fawzy (4), Tiana Dunkley (4),  Madison Ireland (3), Mashiyat Ahmed (3), Samira Karimova (3), Yusuf Larizza-Ali (3), Aidan Thompson (2), Ayomide Bayowa (2), Dalainey Gervais (2), Jonina Rai (2), Leah MacKay (2), Malavika Puri (2), Mariana Dominguez Rodriguez (2), Meghna Parhar (2), Abeera Sohail (1), Abigail Savage (1), Aïssatou Odia Barry (1), Alex Johnson (1), Aurora Picciottoli (1), Bilaal Mohamed (1), Emily Rogers (1), Kaitlyn Harris (1), Kareena Kailass (1), Kathleen Xu (1), Kiara Senanayake (1), Larry Lau (1), Lina Tupak-Karim (1), Mari Khan (1), Mira Brooks (1), Joy Pius (1), Nessma Korideck (1), Olga Fedossenko (1), Ottavia Paluch (1), Prisha (Maneka) Nuckchady (1), Radhia Rameez (1), Romana Krekhovetska (1),Shahed Ebesh (1), Shreya Joshi (1), Yasmine Benabderrahmane (1), Zitong Chen (1)

  • Julia Skoczypiec, Arts and Entertainment Editor (Volume 49)

Working as the Sports & Health Editor for The Medium was a worthwhile experience, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in the 2022-2023 publishing year alongside all members of the editorial team. 

One of the most rewarding things for me was being able to interact with UTM student athletes and their stories through the Athlete Profiles column. These students are thoughtful, resilient individuals who pursue strength and success not just in the worlds of sport and fitness, but also other areas of their lives, with the kind of single-mindedness and familial encouragement that can only be attributed to athletes. 

Thank you to every single student who wrote for S&H while juggling studies, jobs, and personal engagements. The hard work of student writers is really the grease that keeps the wheels of the paper turning. 

To our readers, I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to support our work. (A special shoutout to Professor Guy Allen!).

I hope that The Medium will continue to serve the interests of the UTM community while also learning to challenge prevailing narratives by giving voice to various perspectives and lesser-known issues that concern campus life and society at large. 

Contributors: Alisa Samuel (12), Omar Khan (11), Radhia Rameez (5), Melody Yang (4), Christina Pincente (3), Justyn Aleluia (3), Kaitlyn Harris (3), Alanna Sethi (2),Dalainey Gervais (2), Elizabeth Provost (2), Yusuf Larizza-Ali (2), Ahmad Khan (1), Bilal Siddiqui (1), Emily Prete (1), Hema Ramnarine (1), Irene Park (1), Julia Skoczypiec (1), Juliana Stacey (1), Kareena Kailass (1), Meghna Patil (1), Mikael Syed (1), Ottavia Paluch (1), Paige France (1), Sriya Yalavarthi (1), Summer Azem (1),

  • Alisa Samuel, Sports and Health Editor (Volume 49)

As we end Volume 49, I want to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. Whether as an associate, a contributor, or simply a reader in our community, your contributions have made a significant impact and created opportunities for growth, learning, and creativity.

Thank you, Photos & Design readers, for supporting us with every issue. Your feedback, engagement, and enthusiasm has been a driving force for our team. We appreciate your time and dedication in reading and sharing our articles, and we are grateful for your loyalty.

Thank you, Photos & Design contributors, for your amazing work whether as stunning photographs, captivating illustrations, or impressive designs. Your remarkable ability to exceed my expectations with each piece submitted has not only impressed me, but also played a significant role in shaping the success of our newspaper. Introducing illustrations for the first time this year was nerve-wracking at the beginning, but your work made the process feel like a breeze. 

My dear associates, Beatriz Simas and Aurora Picciottoli, thank you for your dedication, time, and hard work. Your weekly contributions have helped me tremendously, and I am amazed by your consistency. 

Thank you all for making this year unforgettable. High-fives, fist bumps, and victory dances are all encouraged—you deserve it! 

Contributors: Samira Karimova (77), Beatriz Simas (43), Natalie Ng (21), Aurora Picciottoli (18), Sabrina Mutuc (13), Kirsty MacLellan (8), Lily Yee (4), Nicole Judd (3), Brianna Acebedo (3), Delainey Gervais (2), Isabela Arriojas Ocampo (1), Daniella Medel-Lawrence (1)

  • Samira Karimova, Photos & Design Editor (Volume 49)
News Editor (Volume 49) | — Larry is a third-year student specializing in accounting. He finds writing to be an outstanding medium to spread messages, thus being a phenomenal way to express oneself and to have one’s voice heard. Through his contributions to The Medium , Larry hopes that everyone can witness how enjoyable and invigorating writing can be, such that they too may be inspired to write out their stories. When he’s not studying or writing, Larry will probably be learning Japanese or listening to music, all the while contemplating what life’s next story would be.

Opinion Editor (Volume 49) | — Kareena is a third-year student completing a double-major in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies and Philosophy, and minoring in Forensic Science. She has previously served as the Associate Opinion Editor for Volume 48. Through her involvement and contributions with The Medium, Kareena hopes to foster a safe and trusted space, while encouraging others to let their voices and stories be heard. When Kareena is not writing or studying, you can find her watching true crime mysteries or cooking.

Features Editor (Volume 49) | —Maneka is a third year student completing a specialization in Philosophy with a minor in political science. Previously, she served as one of The Medium’s Staff Writer and Associate Features Editor. As this year’s Features Editor, Maneka hopes to raise awareness, shed light over current issues, and highlight student voices and organizations. When Maneka is not studying, writing, or working, you’ll probably find her binging on, or rather re-watching her favorite shows, listening to music, thinking about her dog, or likely taking a nap.

Arts & Entertainment Editor (Volume 49) | — Julia graduated in 2022 with a major in English, and a Professional Writing and Communications and Drama double minor. She previously worked with The Medium as Theatre Erindale Correspondent for Volume 48. As the A&E Editor this year, Julia cannot wait to explore the wondrous world of arts and spark creative conversations amongst student writers. If she’s not writing, working, or spending too much money on overpriced iced coffees, you can find Julia singing tunes with her guitar, bingeing Netflix shows, or going on nature walks with her doggo Benji. You can connect with Julia on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Sports & Health Editor (Volume 49)| — Alisa is a third-year student completing a major in Professional Writing and Communication with a double minor in Political Science and Cinema Studies. She served as Editor-in-Chief of Mindwaves Volume 15 and Compass Volume 9 and was a recipient of the Harold Sonny Ladoo Book Prize for Creative Writing at UTM. Her personal essay, “In Pieces,” appears in the summer 2020 issue of The Puritan. In 2022, she published her first poetry chapbook, Post-Funeral Dance, with Anstruther Press and wrote for The Newcomer as a journalist. When Alisa isn’t writing, she’s probably reading historical nonfiction, ugly-crying over a sad K-drama, or dreaming of places far, far away.

Photos Editor (Volume 49; August-December, Volume 50) — Samira is pursuing a Neuroscience Specialist while simultaneously learning and building skills in Photography. She is inspired by seeing the impacts of visual communication on people’s perspectives, understanding, and behaviour. She seeks to cultivate a safe environment where students express their creativity freely and convert their passions into purposes. In her free time, she is probably at the beach or fighting over the last piece of nachos.


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