The Future of Futurama
Another TV show revival is already crashing before takeoff as fans are left conflicted.

We’re Back, Baby!Futurama is coming back in 2023 for a new 20-episode revival, and fans have a lot to say about it. 

Futurama is an adult comedy animation series created in 1999 by Matt Groening, who also developed the hit TV show The Simpsons. In Futurama, a human teenager named Philip J. Fry (Billy West) was frozen for 1000 years and wakes up in the thirty-first century. The show follows his adventures in the future with his co-workers from an interplanetary delivery company—including a one-eyed alien named Leela (Katey Sagal) and his best friend Bender (John DiMaggio), a foul-mouthed robot.

Futurama was first introduced by the Fox network from 1999 to 2003; it aired on this channel for the first five seasons. In 2008, the show was picked up by Comedy Central and ended on September 4 in 2013 with a heartwarming finale to wrap up the series. Futurama has been off the air for 10 years, but Comedy Central recently revealed that they will revive the show on Hulu for 20 episodes.

The original creators and writers, Groening and David X. Cohen, will be back with the same cast for the upcoming episodes. However, the news of Futurama’s revival came with heated arguments among fans. The biggest problem that the revival currently faces is getting the original voice actor for Bender back to production; Comedy Central is still trying to create and finalize a deal with DiMaggio for the 2023 episodes. 

While fans are thrilled to see what the new episodes will bring, they do not want to see the revival without DiMaggio as Bender. Not only did he voice Bender, but DiMaggio also voiced over 28 different characters in Futurama. With the potential loss of this iconic actor, fans are threatening to boycott the Hulu revival. If the series returns without DiMaggio, angry fans can lead to low ratings, showing the audience’s power to make or break a show. 

For now, the rest of the series is available to watch on Disney+ and Hulu. Hopefully, the future of Futurama will stay bright. 

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