The Stanley cup trend is out of control
TikTok has made numerous products famous overnight, creating a cycle of over-consumption.

The Stanley cup trend is not about the hockey trophy but simply about a reusable steel water bottle. This social media-made famous water bottle seen everywhere is associated with specific aesthetics. Crazy stories—from someone jumping a Starbucks counter and attempting to steal one, to people standing in line outside a Target for hours—illustrate the lengths people will go to get their hands on this item. 

But what makes Stanley cups so great? Why are people willing to steal and empty their wallets for them? 

Stanley steel tumblers enhance your drinking experience because the various colours and styles give consumers a sense of personalization. They are built to last and the steel construction is perfect for hot and cold drinks, giving it an advantage over most water bottles. The flasks also have reusable straws, and an ergonomic design easy to hold and carry around. 

Individuals are drawn to purchasing a Stanley cup not only because it looks super cute, but because a trend on TikTok has increased its hype. Videos on social media surrounding the Stanley cups have been spreading, ultimately influencing users’ purchasing habits. According to Retail Dive, “Forty-five percent of Gen Z respondents named TikTok and Instagram as the top platforms influencing their purchasing decisions.” Many people obsess over Stanley Cups since social media effortlessly generates hype around items. People believe that by purchasing a widely popular item seen online, they gain positive attention from their lifestyle since they are mirroring the majority. By contributing to the trend, individuals are wasting their time and money on this item. Stanley cups are expensiveC$40 to C$60—considering this is a cup without a sealable lid.

The price of these overhyped products is only the start of over-consumerism because you can also purchase accessories for your water bottle. Yes, you read that right… accessories for a water bottle! In addition to your Stanley cup, you can purchase keychains, straw covers, a protective boot (that covers the bottom of the cup), a water bottle carrier bag, a pouch bag, and a snack bowl that fits over the top. 

TikTok has negatively impacted society through over-consumption, with many people now buying multiple Stanley cups. The most popular Starbucks collaboration flask is called “Starbucks x Stanley Quencher” and has been bought by consumers, many of whom already have a Stanley. I have seen videos of TikTok influencers showing off their Stanley cup collection online, which feeds into the delusion that “everyone must have one.” What started as an eco-friendly TikTok trend called #WaterTok turned into overconsumption where people began to worship Stanleys, leading to people purchasing multiple cups and defeating the purpose of saving the environment by using reusable water bottles. Having one Stanley cup is perfectly fine as a water bottle, but there is no need to have multiple. 

Remember the trend for Hydro Flasks? That water bottle trend became popular around late-2019 and early-2020. Just like the Hydro Flask,  the Stanley cup trend will eventually end. The prices will decrease, and individuals will buy the next big thing that pops up on their TikTok “for you” pages.

Staff Writer (Volume 50) — Karissa is a fourth-year student pursuing a Specialist in the Digital Enterprise Management program. When she's not studying marketing, you can catch her at the gym doing yoga or hanging out with her friends playing poker. Karissa loves writing about movies, music, and anything that she's passionate about. She can talk about horror movies and heavy metal music all day! She also enjoys baking, reading, and fashion.


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