Summer Stories: Irresponsible responsibilities
No Nelson, you cannot eye my DM’s and shove your air particles down my throat.

With the move to a more in-person environment this summer, my excitement is unmatched. Along with my fellow peers at the prestigious campus of the University of Toronto Mississauga, the changing of seasons, a clear sky, and a fresh start, this summer holds many possibilities. However, on closer inspection, I find that it may be quite the opposite.

First and foremost, part-time jobs! If you are like the average college student trying to pay for your tuition, you may find yourself in a series of crappy jobs this summer. Instead of spending eight hours on campus, holed up in a dark corner of the IB Building wincing at the brightness of my computer screen, I plan to work at my local Walmart, directing adults to the self-checkout line while also being insulted by high schoolers about my high-waisted work pants (they’re comfortable, okay?). 

Venues are finally increasing their capacity. Concerts, clubs, and bars are now in the equation for me to have a whimsical summer. You know what sounds like the perfect night out? The thought of having to spend $300 to stand behind a seven-foot giant while I’m on my toes trying to catch a glimpse of The Weeknd.

Lifted mask mandates seem to be another aspect that’s a sight for sore eyes (unless you’re ‘mask-fishing’ of course). While I sit on the bus to my beloved part-time job, I can only imagine 60-year-old Nelson breathing down my neck, eyeing my DM’s, shoving his air particles down my throat.

At the end of the day, I feel as though the summer won’t be complete garbage. Ali, one of my good friends and a first-year financial economics specialist, has a strangely positive outlook. “This summer is what you make of it. If you choose to completely focus on the downsides, you’ll miss out on all that can be offered,” says the guy that’s $2000 in debt because of NFTs. Do what you will with that information.


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