Jamming Through January with Jaros
Ponder a playlist that is all over the place, you might find something you like

A few years ago, I struggled to find a new job. I wanted to work in the retail industry, but there was one issue: I had only worked at restaurants. I applied to clothing stores, shoe stores, and even supermarkets. My phone did not ring for months. That was until I added “playlist maker” under the hobbies section of my resume. Sherwin Williams, a company that sells paint and has nothing to do with music, called me back days later. 

Months after I landed the interview and was hired, I asked my manager for her thoughts on the “playlist maker” addition. “It gave me a sense of your personality,” she said. “You seemed like a fun character and someone who would fit in well with the rest of the group.” 

At this point you might be thinking: is this guy implying that making playlists and adding them to my resume is something that will land me a job?

Well yes, but probably not. The thing about music is that it connects humans on a deeper level. If you share specific music tastes with someone else, that automatically creates a stronger and faster bond. 

Over the years, my music taste has been dramatically influenced by the people around me. I have gone from listening to hip-hop and rap, to metal, pop, and Latin music. Every time I meet someone new, I always ask what type of music they listen to. It helps me get to know them better and bolsters my own musical archives. 

So, in this playlist, I have included some of my top songs over the last year. Songs that I played when I was feeling hype and bold. Songs that define my personality—all over the place. Enjoy!

Managing Editor (Volume 50); Copy Editor (August-November, Volume 50); Features Editor (Volume 48) — Jaros graduated with a Professional Writing and Communications major, and a Physics and Mathematics double minor in 2021. He previously worked as the Features Editor for Volume 48. In his free time, you can catch Jaros working out at his small-town gym, curating playlists, or suffering as he defends the latest phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can connect with him on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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