Editorial: Embracing inclusivity
In the workplace, a public image of inclusivity is not enough; performative policies and promises are not enough.

Countless organizations have faced lawsuits regarding discrimination in their hiring practices. From ethnic racism to cultural exclusion, companies are afraid of being charged. As such, businesses have made it a point to showcase their inclusive hiring methods in the media. Bold promises are made year-round; after all, it’s what they need to do to keep customers engaged. But promoting diversity for media purposes is not enough.

For many of us, culture shapes our identity through our beliefs and customs. Nobody deserves to feel excluded—especially not when employees dedicate so much time and effort to their work. When long, tireless hours are spent in the office, employers are obligated to ensure that all workers feel appreciated and included. 

Our differences strengthen and connect us. They ensure fresh perspectives are heard, which not only amplifies representation, but also inspires creativity and drives innovation. 

How do we know if a company fulfills the values it projects onto the public? Take a look at their leadership teams! 

The Medium remains focused on community, welcoming any contributor by encouraging writers of various cultural backgrounds. From Russian to Iraqi to Guyanese to Polish and more, our editorial team showcases diversity. Reflected in our pitches, we invite students to share their perspectives on topics important to them.

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) consists of a diverse community of domestic and international students. We take it upon ourselves to give UTM—you, dear reader—the space for expression. As such, we strive to raise awareness by ensuring that every member of the UTM community feels both represented and understood. But, keep us on our toes and let us know if we miss something by submitting a Letter to the Editor at www.themedium.ca/letters.


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