University of Toronto notice claims excessive amounts of semen are clogging university pipes
A recent masturbation notice by U of T has students questioning whether it is genuine or a hoax.

Earlier this month, a masturbation notice was posted at a University of Toronto (U of T) washroom that left many students doubting its authenticity.  

According to the notice, masturbation in U of T washrooms is a violation of the university’s code of student conduct. “The sewage pipes are not designed to handle semen,” the notice read.

The note, which had no date listed, had U of T’s logo and “Facilities and Services” signed at the bottom. It continued, “Excessive amounts of semen in the pipes cause clogging, which costs the university tens of thousands of dollars to replace.” According to the posting, these costs will be reflected in student tuition fees next year. “It’s your money.”

The note even included a phone number for any “urgent masturbation requests.” On January 3, Ragnar Danneskjold, a verified user on X, reposted the notice and wrote, “Answering the calls at 416-978-2323 is not [a job] to which I aspire…”

Many people responded to Danneskjold in a thread the same day.

One person responded, “So the pipes can handle explosive diarrhea but not semen?” Another added, “I’ve done some plumbing work in my days, never seen a semen backup.”

@LoveMy7Wood, another user on X, reposted an article from the Toronto Sun about the notice, and wrote, “Masturbation may be [a violation of the student code of conduct], but apparently, antisemitism at U of T by faculty and staff is not.”

While many doubt the authenticity of the notice, others claim that similar practical jokes have been pulled in the past. A Reddit post from six years ago shared another notice also with U of T’s crest on it. The note was posted at Chestnut Residence, a student dormitory at U of T’s St. George campus. It had nearly the same sentences written, including the same title: “Masturbation Notice.”

The notice was not only posted at U of T, but other campuses too, largely those in the US, including the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois, the University of Pennsylvania, Iowa State University, and many more.

The Medium reached out to U of T to comment on the matter, but no response has been received.

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