Toronto Police arrest Kitchener man after alleged voyeurism incidents near U of T Campus
A man from Kitchener is facing at least a dozen charges after seven reported incidents of voyeurism and mischief involving young victims

On January 4, Toronto police announced the arrest of 28-year-old Dang Pham in connection to a series of voyeurism cases at U of T’s St. George (UTSG) campus after a months-long investigation. 

Pham, who is a resident of Kitchener, is now facing 11 charges including five counts of voyeurism and six counts of mischief. He was scheduled to appear at the Toronto Regional Bail Centre on the day of the announcement. 

Between July and October 2023, U of T Campus Safety received multiple reports of voyeurism at New College, located near Spadina Avenue and Willcocks Street. At least seven reported incidents involved victims ranging in age from 14 to 21.

Toronto Police investigated alongside U of T Campus Safety and found a man had loitered near women’s and gender-neutral showers and, in some cases, attempted to record victims with a cell phone placed underneath stalls. 

Over the months-long investigation, police released images and physical details of the suspect. Starting in August 2023, numerous case updates were provided to all three U of T campuses via the U of T Community Safety Alert system. Students were alerted via text message or email and made aware of the incidents that took place prior to Pham’s arrest.

Pham is described as a man of Asian descent between 5’2” and 5’7” tall, with a medium build and short black hair. 

Investigators believe that there could be many more victims involved. Toronto police and U of T are urging anyone with more information to contact them or Toronto Crime Stoppers

Student Resources 

There are numerous resources available for the tri-campus community that can be found on the UTSG, University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), and University of Toronto Scarborough websites. 

The Community Safety Office aids U of T community members who have experienced personal safety concerns, including bullying, threats, and workplace violence. The office also helps create safety plans and has partnered with the Centre for International Experience to inform international students about safety and violence in the context of the Canadian judicial system. 

U of T’s Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Center provides confidential and client-centred services for community members affected by sexual violence or harassment. 

Campus-specific Special Constables are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment at U of T campuses and can be contacted at any time. Campus Safety also offers ECSpeRT, which is a rapid-response Medical Emergency Team for any emergencies on campus.

The U of T Campus Safety App is available for free download and allows users to chat with Campus Safety and also enables safety staff to track users’ locations via TravelSafer and receive crisis alerts via mobile Bluelight. 

UTM-specific resources that operate 24/7 include the Walk Safe program, through which students can request an officer escort; the Work Alone program, which provides regular officer check-ins; and the Battery Booster program, which offers help with car troubles. 

Additional non-university resources and helplines that serve specific demographics can also be found on campus websites and often offer multilingual and 24/7 support. 

Aside from official support, keeping alert of those around you, checking in on your friends, and being vigilant are other effective ways of nurturing campus safety and ensuring one’s own security. 

Associate News Editor (Volume 50) — Samuel is a first-year student at UTM working towards an Economics degree. He previously worked with the Federation of Canadian Secondary Students as a writer in the Demystify Tribune and will be continuing his exploration into writing and journalism as an Associate Editor with The Medium. When he's not drawing graphs or outlining essays, Samuel can be found playing the piano and drums, working out, or critiquing film.



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