Top 10 side hustles for students in 2024
With Ontario’s soaring cost of living, post-secondary students are more eager than ever to make some extra cash on the side.

In the world of higher education, post-secondary students’ goals are often marred by financial burdens. Many students can be overwhelmed by the escalating costs of textbooks, fees, and daily expenses. Side hustles are a great and creative way to relieve some of those overwhelming stresses while earning extra cash on the side. They also provide a route to skill development, flexibility, and personal growth.

I present to you the top 10 side hustles for post-secondary students in 2024, each a key to unlocking financial freedom and a gate to valuable experiences.

1. Reselling used or vintage goods

Turn items you don’t use anymore into cash by diving into the world of resale. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace welcome your unwanted items, while thrift stores like Plato’s Closet pay you for fashionable clothing. It’s a win-win—declutter your space and pocket $20 to $40 per clothing item. 

2. Sell your designs

Selling designs is a great way to make money right from the comfort of your desk. Platforms like Printify allow you to simply upload your designs, link your online store—for example, Etsy or Shopify—and watch your ideas come to life. Products are printed only upon order, with direct shipping from the factory to your customer. With profits ranging between 20 per cent to 30 per cent per sale, this hustle could become a monthly income of $1,000 to $5.000. 

3. Sell your notes

Boost your grades and bank account at the same time by selling your class notes online. Platforms like Stuvia and Studypool offer money for well-organized study materials. Preparing study notes not only enhances your note-taking skills but is also an effortless way to earn money online, with potential income ranging from $4 per set of study notes to $8 per study guide. However, please note that some forms of selling or sharing your notes can constitute academic violations, so it is encouraged you review policies concerning plagiarism before getting into this side hustle. 

4. Get paid to listen to music 

For music enthusiasts seeking a unique income stream, getting paid to listen to music is the perfect way to go. Platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or SpliceThePie offer opportunities to review tracks from various artists. The more detailed your reviews, the higher your earnings are. Earnings range from $15 to $20 per insightful review—make a successful side hustle out of your love of music. 

5. Blogging and Newsletters 

In a world dominated by technology, blogging remains a powerful avenue for expression and income. To monetize effectively, start with a self-hosted WordPress site. While there are platforms that allow you to create your website in just a few clicks, most lack autonomy. Bluehost offers affordable hosting plans for beginners. Although earning from a blog takes time, with dedication and research, a five-figure income is possible. 

6. Affiliate Marketing 

This is an ideal hustle for those with a built-up platform and an existing network. Affiliate marketing is when you promote brand products or services on your platform and earn a commission from each successful referral through a unique link or code. The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its synergy with other side hustles, creating a passive income source. As a beginner, monthly incomes range from $100 to $500. 

7. App and Website Testing

Platforms like UserTesting and uTest offer various website testing gigs. Earn up to $100 for a one-hour test, or nearly $10 for every 15 to 20 minutes of an approved website testing video. Qualify as a certified tester for even higher earnings. Your meticulous testing can contribute to flawless online launches while adding dollars to your wallet.

8. Online Surveys

Share your opinions and pocket extra cash by participating in online surveys. Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, or even research opportunities within the University of Toronto Mississauga offer paid opportunities just by participating. Participation in these surveys can be an easy way to earn $20 to $30 per survey and add a little extra to your weekend budget.

9. Translating

Leverage your bilingual skills for extra income through translation services. Sites like Smartcat connect translators with clients, allowing flexibility in choosing projects. Compensation varies, with opportunities listing rates at $60 per hour up to $125 per project. Typically, the national average is at $37 per hour. 

10. Tutoring

Enhance your knowledge while making money by tapping into the demand for online tutoring, whether it’s programming, English, or another specific subject. Platforms like 

TutorMe and Chegg connect tutors with students globally. Online tutors can earn hourly rates ranging from $10 to $38 depending on the subject. 


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