The rise of Instagram-worthy experiences
Picture-perfect installations give Torontonians more excuses than ever to strike a pose.

Here today and gone tomorrow, the rise of pop-up events in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) takes Toronto by storm. 

Famed for their limited-time-only availability, pop-up events use exclusivity, novelty, and fun to create experiences that are both shareable and memorable. 

In the era of social media, pop-ups act as prime photo opportunities, creating buzz and curiosity among everyday Instagram feeds. But these popular spots are not solely for social media enthusiasts, as they cater to a number of demographics—from children, to teenagers, to young adults. 

Many of the pop-up events located in the GTA are strategically located in the heart of the city, set up in easy-to-reach, high-volume areas, such as  Beyond Monet, located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; Marvel Avengers Station, located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre; Immersive Van Gogh, located at the Toronto Star Building; and Sugar Rush, located at Square One Shopping Centre.  

The magic of pop-ups provides a unique, unforgettable experience that patrons have likely never been through before. People can now stroll through a life-sized Candyland at Sugar Rush or even strike a battle pose in between Black Widow and the mighty Thor at Marvel Avengers Station. Pop-up events are sought-after in the way that patrons will likely go out of their way to find and attend them. 

Pop-ups are fleeting experiences by their very nature. They are transitory, and as a result, are both exciting and compelling. They create a sense of urgency strong enough that those who pass by have to stop and take notice. Sometimes, pop-ups are so intriguing that people disrupt their daily routines to take part in new experiences and purchase commemorative memorabilia. 

There is no doubt that pop-ups offer a captivating way to connect with consumers in an ever-changing and competitive market for mind, space, and attention. Their ephemeral natures strongly appeal to the FOMO—the fear of missing out—in the best of us, and when properly executed, leave a lasting impression. Similarly, the success of such events can also be attributed to the element of surprise, creating an air of excitement and overall bubbling anticipation. 

In a time where people continuously crave novel experiences, exaggerated props and eye-popping visuals create Instagram-worthy spaces of lavish decor, interactive installations, and whimsical themes. There truly is something for everyone. 

In the midst of the pandemic, pop-up event organizers require that patrons purchase their tickets for specific time-slots in advance to limit venue capacity as per city-wide Covid-19 regulations. The use of face masks is mandatory within the premises, as well as 6-feet-apart social distancing between each individual family or group. 

Numerous pop-up events, such as the Immersive Van Gogh and Immersive Monet, have also employed the option of a drive-in experience for those who prefer to stay inside the safety of their vehicles and within the company of their family and friends. 

It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for pop-up events. You might find something you like. Or, at the very least, you’ll get a great picture for Instagram. 


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