The Medium’s Numbers

0 – The number of working microwaves in the staff kitchen
1 – The number of mice funerals held in the office
2 – The number of Editorial Board members that showed up to the Halloween party in a Kim Possible costume
3 – Little piggies
4 – The number of words Aidan can write in an hour
5 – The number of team events Kareem couldn’t attend because he was filming overseas
6 – The number of times Larry won FunEmployed
10 – The number of times Liz did not care about The Medium almost getting sued
12 – The number of times Kareena asked, “Is this how you use a semicolon?”
16 – The number of weeks it takes Aidan to complete a draft
18 – The number of times Liz said, “What are they gonna do about it? I’m literally HR”
21 – Can you do somethin’ for me?
26 – The number of revisions Alisa made to every article
28 – The number of times section editors were ghosted by writers the day articles were due
31 – The number of times we found Larry snoring on the couch
46 – The number of times Liz said, “We’re not The New York Times, we’re The Medium
50 – The number of times Julia commented “I need HED/DEK suggestions” in an article
57 – The number of times Aidan was caught walking to the Student Centre bathroom without shoes
59 – The number of spelling mistakes that have been published in The Medium
62 – The number of times the creepy doll in the office moved without anyone touching it
69 – The number of times River fell in love with a microwave
77 – The number of duets River and Aidan sang (terribly) in the office
84 – The number of times Juliana said, “It has been a day
90 – The number of mochies consumed by Larry in one month
92 – The number of times Larry thought someone was in the storage room, but it was just the mouse
99 – The number of times Aia snorted laughing because Liz was SO funny
121 – The number of times Maneka rewrote her magazine piece
300 – The number of times Samira’s outfit slayed
365 – The number of days the caretaking team brightened our day
492 – The number of times we prompted the Midjourney AI with “In With the New” before we got our magazine cover
528 – The number of times Liz got mad about unwashed dishes in the sink
562 – The number of articles Belicia uploaded to the website (including this one!)
700 – The number of times we complained about the weird-ass stairs in the Student Centre
10,987 – The number of times we failed at opening the janky office door
18,090 – The number of times we fell in love with Manjot’s designs
930,940 – The number of times someone said, “Liz, you need to keep your pickles in the fridge”
190,673,233 – The number of unread copies of The Medium sitting in the office
312,455,939 – The number of hours it took us to make this list

–   compiled by The Medium Editorial Board


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