Summer Stories: Big Blowout
The ultimate party for a Covid-19 free summer.

I was truly losing faith in a completely free, Covid-19 mandate-less summer. Year after year we have had to limit what we were able to do, the friends we are able to hang out with, and the places we are able to visit. The Ontario government has now lifted the mask mandate, increased capacities for venues and outdoor spaces, and limited many vaccine requirements, opening up all of our options for summer—something we haven’t had in years. 

Because I can now see whoever I want, I am going to invite all my friends over for a giant end-of-exams-season-beginning-of-summer kickoff. We all deserve to let off some steam. 

To make sure this is the event of a lifetime, I’ve gone all out for everything. 

Epic party list: 

  1. There will be a pool because what is summer without a nice cool pool to float around in?
  2. Bouncy castles, because you are never too old for that.
  3. Surround-sound speakers that connect to the best summer playlist during the day.
  4. A massive drive-in theater screen at night for a relaxing movie night. 
  5. And of course, we have to eat, so a gourmet buffet will be available throughout the entire day.

Fireworks, cake, refreshments—name it and it will be there. Nothing short of perfection will be accepted, we do have two whole summers to make up for. 

See you all there! 


Your Party Planner Extraordinaire 


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