Poetry Corner

Paige France

I gave you my love and you let it go to waste,
And as I collect myself from our once well-trodden bedroom floor,
I see you with her in a better place,
I see her now with a man I still adore. Amour?

The floorboards creaking from painful neglect, I catch my imagination playing games,
And the figment of mine is that you still cared,
But how can I blame that innocent, deceiving smile, or whatever remains?
When despite all we’ve been through, your feelings were spared,

With my white stilettos perched beneath my bed,
Cold feet at the edge of yours, pastry gown crumbled in the closet,
How can I fathom my hand would not be the one you wed?
Bleeding emotions on the dusty hardwood, only your neglect could cause it,

Your hand was never mine to hold,
And for this my bed is forever cold,
Delusions of grandeur,

Komalroop Kaler

You stare into the candle’s flame 
the bud is like molten from a volcanic eruption
the rock glows as it becomes dim and then bright 
light makes shapes as it swirls and loops around and 
gets high and low 
you cup your hands around the warm candle jar while 
whispering love notes into the flame 
in the small bud resides a small universe 
candle wax tries to drown the liveness of your light 
your flame is stronger 
you see light floating on this orange sea as it vibrates 
astral emotion 
you blow out the candle and wait for Death as 
ribbons of smoke hover around the candle’s pyre 
remnants of Love’s note sing to Death and 
force black soot to birth another flame

Cool Boots
Dagale Mohammed

“cool boots!”
Thanks, I like them too (if you do)
They fit like a dream! (I have so many blisters I’m going to scream)
They’re the colour of figs, a masterpiece (and unlined, no fleece)
Best of all I got them on sale (I can’t take another step; I feel so frail)
Now that I’m walking in them, my feet might be a size too large…(was I overcharged?)
That’s fine I’ll break them in (that’s right, take it on the chin)
Besides, they have so much personality (yes, yes, you’ve purchased individuality!)
My feet are being abused (but at least I have cool shoes)

Staff Writer (Volume 48 & 49) — Paige is in her third year at UTM, currently completing a double major in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology. She previously worked as an Associate Editor for A&E in Volume 47 of The Medium, and as a Staff Writer in Volume 48. When she is not writing review articles for A&E, you can find her watching rom-coms, writing inappropriate Letterboxd reviews, playing basketball, cruising on her motorbike, and fangirling over the icon that is Taylor Alison Swift. You can connect with Paige through Instagram and Letterboxd.


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