My role model is my mom

Young people, particularly females, often face a host of societal pressures and limitations due to gender stereotypes, systemic bias, and cultural expectations. In the midst of these challenges, having strong role models can make all the difference. Whether it’s a mother, mentor, teacher, coach, or any other influential figure, a positive role model can help guide and inspire young people to achieve their goals. However, being a role model is a significant responsibility that also requires courage, resilience, determination, and the ability to navigate complex social and political landscapes.

My mom: A master juggler
Samira Karimova

I was fortunate enough to have my mother’s unwavering support throughout my life. She consistently demonstrated grace and perseverance in the face of new challenges, whether it was in her career, family life, or personal growth. Through her example, she taught me that women face unique challenges and expectations, akin to juggling a multicolored array of balls. Yet somehow, she manages to keep all the balls in the air with poise, like a masterful juggler, never letting a single one drop to the ground, making me believe that women are capable of achieving all their goals and aspirations without having to compromise. 

My mom embodies the strength of a lion and a heart as boundless as the oceans. She balances warmth, kindness, and assertiveness with ease, leaving me in constant awe. Her positive attitude and gentle but firm touches pave the way for me to reach my potential, and her consistent support restores my confidence. Every day, I remind myself how incredibly lucky I am to have such an amazing woman as my mother and role model. My admiration for her wisdom and kindness knows no ends, and I am certain that her influence will endure for years to come. Her guidance is a gift to me, and I have no doubt that it will continue to inspire not just myself, but also my sister and many others. 

The unbreakable bond: A tribute to my mom as my role model
Mannal Qureshi

Growing up, I had many people I admired–businesswomen, actors, and musicians. But as I’ve grown older, my perspective has changed, and the person I admire most is my mom, Romana Qureshi. 

My mom has always been a constant source of love, support, and guidance. She has an unwavering commitment to her family and always puts our needs before hers. Watching her sacrifice and work tirelessly to provide for us, I have learned what true strength and determination look like. 

One of the things I admire most about my mom is her ability to stay positive and hopeful, even in the face of adversity. She has a deep sense of faith and trusts that everything happens for a reason. Her optimism and resilience have taught me that no matter how tough things may seem, there’s always a way forward. 

When I face challenges, I often think of my mom’s unwavering strength and resolve. Her ability to stay focused and persevere through tough times is a constant reminder that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

As I continue on my journey through life, I know that my mom will always be there to support and guide me. Her evergreen love and encouragement have given me the strength to pursue my dreams and overcome any obstacle that comes my way. 

In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, my mom is a beacon of light and hope. She’s taught me that anything is possible no matter what life throws your way, with hard work, will power, and a lot of love. For that, she will always be my role model and my hero. 

Many inspirations, but only one role model
Vanessa Bogacki

International Women’s Day is the one day a year where we nationally appreciate the strong, smart, and beautiful woman which we hold near and dear in our hearts. With more than 3.905 billion females around the world, picking just one who I idolize as a role model was difficult. After all, there are women like Oprah Winfrey, who broke barriers for those within the Black community and empowers women on a global level, or Marie Curie, who showcased that women can and will dominate any field of work if they put their minds to it. Despite the amazing things these women taught me were achievable, my idol is none other than my own mother. After immigrating to Canada when she was seventeen, my mom has made it very difficult to follow in her footsteps and frankly, that is why I see her as my hero.

She came to Canada from a country of communism in order to provide her future child with a better life. Coming to a country where she was free was something she could only imagine back at home; she knew change had to happen to achieve this goal. She decided to start a new chapter in Canada, where she ran into many obstacles—the first being a major language barrier, as my mother came to Canada not knowing any English. 

Furthermore, she was able to showcase strength by starting a family and following her own dreams while caring for the ambitions of those around her. My mom gave birth to me and knew her life would change. She sacrificed her own wants and needs to support mine. She further strived to ensure I was properly cared for, so I knew all my life I was loved. 

Regardless of this, she knew she would have to fight all her life. Ever since she stepped off the plane, she knew life would not be easy and if she wanted something, she would have to work to get it. Once I was born, my dreams were now hers, and throughout my whole life she has always been there. From dance recital to concert, no matter how good or bad I was, my mom had my back. 

In my lifetime, I will never be able to repay her for her sacrifice and effort. The multiple sleepless nights, overworked days, and sacrificed dreams my mom had will never be taken for granted. She has shaped me into the person I am today, and she will forever be my role model.

Photos Editor (Volume 49; August-December, Volume 50) — Samira is pursuing a Neuroscience Specialist while simultaneously learning and building skills in Photography. She is inspired by seeing the impacts of visual communication on people’s perspectives, understanding, and behaviour. She seeks to cultivate a safe environment where students express their creativity freely and convert their passions into purposes. In her free time, she is probably at the beach or fighting over the last piece of nachos.

Staff Writer (Volume 50) — Vanessa is a fourth-year student double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in Education. When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys picking up a good novel and escaping into the world of reading or playing some of her favourite songs on her record player. She also loves writing. You can often find her journaling throughout her day.


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