“Motion Blur”

Daanish Alvi, Motion Blur, 35mm Film, 2022

Motion Blur demonstrates the constant movement of time that takes place in our world, and how it stops for no one—not even for a photo. Taken on a 35mm camera, the photograph reinforces how even the most permanent form of photography, film, cannot quite capture the quick and nonstop movements that we make in our daily life. By putting these figures on display, this piece highlights how the only way to live life is to just keep moving or, in other words, to always move together with time.

Daanish Alvi has been taking pictures since 2017 and he has loved every second of it. Never has there been a dull moment for him while he holds his camera, because of how it almost feels like his superpower. Often being dubbed by his friends as their very own Peter Parker, Daanish lives to make moments last forever through the simple click of a button, because he knows that every click is unique. Using movies as his constant source of inspiration, he is always on the hunt for the perfect shot that his favourite cinematographers would be proud of. If you ever see him without his camera, you can rest assured that he is avidly waiting for when he can use it again.

Photos Editor (Volume 50) — Daanish is wrapping up his final year at UTM, majoring in Technology, Coding & Society, and minoring in Mathematics and Cinema Studies. He's aware of how odd that combination is, but that is enough to describe him in a nutshell. Carrying his cameras wherever he goes, you can find Daanish furiously writing Letterboxd reviews, cheering on the Maple Leafs, and blasting the Jonas Brothers any chance he gets.


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