From Liz, With Love: The Girl Code
Some rules must never be broken.

Dear Liz,

Women always complain about being screwed over by guys, but for me, it’s always been women. I think I’ve had a bad run with friendships, most ending in some form of un-warranted backstabbing. My “best-friend” dating my ex is my last straw. So, what are the rules amongst girls? What lines can’t be crossed? 


Friendless and Confused

Dear Friendless and Confused, 

The ability to see the genuine intentions of a friend is a skill cultivated with time. It’ll take more than a few stabs in the back to tune into that gut feeling that can identify red flags as they’re raised. But the key is that gut feeling. A friend’s true intentions can appear in the smallest moments, often at the start of a friendship. For example, when someone agrees with you just because it’s easier, or people that only stick around when you’re doing well, or friends that have a negative attitude towards the smallest of things. 

The Girl Code, which I’d argue is more binding than the Bro Code, is one of the pillars of friendships and basic human decency. As women, we often forget to stick together, despite going through the same experiences. So, here’s a reminder on the Girl Code. 

The most important rules: Never date a friend’s ex (*cough*), never share another woman’s secret, travel in groups when drunk and at night, and never hate a woman you’ve never met. 

For the advanced followers of the Female Bible, here are some other lines that shouldn’t be crossed and some general rules: Never trust a friend that dates a cuffed guy, never stay silent when a friend is falling for an asshole, never put another woman down to get a man’s attention, support your friend’s businesses, never agree when a friend is commenting negatively about her appearance, and always, and I mean always, re-tweet your friend’s funny tweets.  

Keep your head up, but never let your guard down. It’s stormy out there. 

With love, 

Liz x

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