From Liz, With Love: So, you’re in a pickle

Hey boo,

I’ve known these two guys for over a year now. They both present really sick qualities (in a good way), and I just can’t make up my mind about them. On one hand, this dude is my bestie for the resties, and the other one is so smokin’ hot that I feel my own face on fire when I talk to him. I don’t want to ruin my friendship with my bestie, and I think the other dude is a little too reckless for me—but, did I mention, he’s sexy? And my bestie, who is also sexy, is a little annoying sometimes because he has the humour of a 12-year-old boy. So, what dude do I make out with in the CCT parking lot?

Caught in the middle

Hi Caught in the middle, 

First of all… please no making out in the CCT parking lot, I beg of you. Opt for the nice hideout at the back of P4, instead. 

All jokes aside, I do see how you might be in a pickle. I commend you for taking a step back and giving this situation a good ol’ think, realizing that you don’t want to be riddled with regret for either choice. 

What works for me, for any decision, is making a pros and cons list (just trust me okay), and choosing the one where the guy’s pros outweigh his cons. When you do so, also remember what your priorities are—for example, is having things in common (cue, bestie for the resties) more important to you than physical attraction (cue, smokin’ hot)? I’m not saying you should compromise one for the other—because both are equally important—I’m just saying that your list should also have a hierarchy of importance in case you’re facing a tie.

Another final suggestion, is to let time tell. Now, I’m definitely not encouraging you to date both guys at the same time, but hang out with them both! You never know when one will give you the ick or reveal something that’s a dealbreaker. Last time I was into two guys at once, one ended up being gay.  

Good luck and lots of love, 
Liz xo

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