Enemies to lovers: Single-people x Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is the most ideal holiday for single people.

You know Valentine’s Day is near when we are approaching the middle of February. Or perhaps, more notably, when the groans of single people echo in every corner. Sometimes, I wonder if their rage is simply a natural response to their surroundings. I would be no different if all I saw was red. 

But this is the day and age of change—to wake up and accept that Valentine’s Day is indeed the most ideal holiday for single folks. Now, before you furiously search for my email address and attempt to defend Halloween or Canada Day, think again. Do you really think celebrating death is in any way… festive?

While my reasons may be few, they surely will be enough to sway you to celebrate this day with the one you can’t live without: yourself.

First, Valentine’s Day as a couple… in this economy? Besides, the gift-giving sphere has gotten far too competitive. Comparing ourselves to others on the internet is no less than a pastime hobby for this generation. Not only will you feel pressure from the whole gift-giving scene, but I guarantee the pressure will stay long after the holiday in the form of your bank account.

Second, being single on February 14 is so unique and different. Going against these societal norms is so dystopian. It’s the very first step in becoming the main character of your own story. 

Third, Valentine’s Day has been under heavy scrutiny recently for becoming a celebration of capitalism. “We love capitalism,” said no couple ever.

Fourth, while all the couples make their way to their overpriced, understaffed, candlelit restaurants, fast food chain stores are all yours. No more waiting an hour at the sole-standing Krispy Kreme in Mississauga or the two-hour line at Starbucks in the Library.

Fifth, you can freely be a hater and avoid getting hated on. Valentine’s Day may just be on the cusp of rebranding as “Hate Couples Day.” Yes, kindness is free, but so is hating—and hating is so much more fun. The judgement-free lifestyle will definitely help ease your bitterness towards romance as a whole. 

Lastly, the weather in February is not so cute for dates. With the snow melting and turning brown, the unpredictable weather, and midterms approaching, the scene isn’t quite reflective of romance and love. It may just be better suited for the bitter, sad, and lonely. 

For those who still remain unsure of my reasoning, try contacting your local mansplainer to help you better understand this article. Staying single for Valentine’s Day might just be convincing then.

Associate Opinion Editor (Volume 50) — Yasmine is a third-year student, majoring in History and Anthropology. Her writing is best described as sometimes sarcastic, sometimes radical, and always an excuse to bring up her heritage (and colonialism). She hopes her work with The Medium will inspire conversations, debates, and a path to abandon our deeply rooted stubbornness. In her spare time, Yasmine enjoys reading, knitting, arguing with uncles on politics, and fangirling.


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