Balling out on a budget during the Christmas season
Learn how to manage holiday stressors with a student budget and free activity breaks.

Winter brings many things with it, including the expensive Christmas spirit. It can be tough to balance finances with the already overwhelming   student lifestyle, so it’s important to know how to manage yourself amid the season’s craziness. 

When it comes to Christmas presents, prices can add up and really take a stab at your college bank account. It’s important to establish who you truly want to give a gift to—who is worth your time, money, and energy. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself no sometimes; not giving someone a gift shouldn’t change the value of your friendship. Try setting aside your budget based on your earnings after your personal needs. Keep things small. Gifts don’t need to be big and elaborate to show your gratitude. Remember, even if you’re feeling generous, your own bills and well-being come first. 

Don’t forget to take care of your mental health during this time too; breaks from the winter stress are very important. Take advantage of free seasonal activities in your area. Watch your local Christmas tree lighting or explore holiday markets near you.

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the endless winter madness, prioritize your individual well-being, both financially and mentally. Be open to setting personal limits on buying gifts and saving your social battery.

Associate Opinion Editor (Volume 50) —Tia is a third-year student completing a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. She uses The Medium as an outlet to do some creative writing that can't be expressed through the countless academic papers she writes during the semester. When she's not writing for the opinion section, you can find Tia getting gains in the gym, working at the campus pool, or volunteering with UTM ECSpeRT!


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