Boo! Did my costume scare you?

Cracking the whip on my iconic Indiana Jones costume
Karissa Harrypersad

My most memorable Halloween costume was inspired by one of my favourite movies of all time. It all started during Halloween 2022, the year that I searched endlessly online for a last-minute costume to buy. The costumes did not satisfy my taste in fashion—they were made of the cheap materials. I remember deciding to take a break from Halloween shopping to watch one of my favorite movies: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). Then it hit me: I should dress up as my favourite archaeologist, Indiana Jones. I already had some of the pieces of clothing with the notable Indiana Jones colour scheme, I just needed to go shopping for a couple more things to complete my iconic outfit. 

When I finally put my outfit together, adorned my Indiana Jones hat, and attached my whip to my belt, it took my breath away. It was amazing how these accessories could transform me into a cinematic hero.

Having the chance to express myself as a character from one of my favourite childhood series made me hold this costume dearest to my heart. It was my most fun and creative costume—it added a layer of depth and authenticity to my Halloween experience that will always be memorable. I wasn’t just mimicking a character; I was paying homage to a film that had touched my heart many years ago. It was a tribute to the character, Indiana Jones, and my favorite actor, Harrison Ford. 

101 (plus 1 more) Dalmatians
Tia Cummins

When I was around six years old, my costume of choice was a dalmatian. Whether this choice was because I enjoyed 101 Dalmatians or just really wanted to dress up as a dog is unknown. Either way, it led to me suiting up in a big one-piece costume with a huge dog face on top of my head. Since I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by the time Halloween rolled around, the weather had already started to shift towards the winter season. Some years, it got so cold that we would even get a few centimetres of snow as all the kids went around knocking on doors trick-or-treating. This made it quite frustrating for a kid who only wanted to show off their fun costume but constantly had to wear a winter jacket, boots, and gloves overtop. I always got upset about this situation, but it was different this year. Since my costume was a little baggy, I was able to hide my jacket underneath it, allowing all my spots to shine. Although my chunky boots and thick gloves still stood out, they didn’t outshine the huge smile on my face knowing I could wear my costume with pride. Even the large dog head on top of my own acted as a sort of hat, keeping me toasty warm the entire time I collected my winnings in chocolates. 

My first Halloween: A spooktacular experience
Zainab Khalil

Halloween was a foreign concept until I moved to the United States. Being a foreigner, and an older one at that, I decided on something basic: a classic white sheet with cut-out eye holes. My first Halloween in the US was special. Our neighbourhood transformed with lights and spooky decorations on people’s houses and front yards which harmonized beautifully with the colourful fall leaves. Spider webs, carved pumpkins, and spooky projections gave the air a haunting yet comforting feeling. What truly struck me was the sense of community. Families decked out in a variety of costumes knocking from door-to-door to get candies and treats. After sharing sweets with neighbourhood kids, I set out with my younger siblings to do the same. There was a nostalgic, almost cinematic feel that brought back memories of childhood western movies and Halloween specials.

That night, I understood that Halloween wasn’t only about costumes and sweets. It was about shared moments, thrilling experiences, and the warmth of togetherness. My ghost costume allowed me to become part of the holiday and learn that embracing a new culture could be as effortless and enjoyable as drifting through the night in a simple bedsheet with holes.

The impersonator
Cristina Pincente

Halloween is a holiday I have always held close to my heart. For me, Halloween is a chance to be creative and think out of the box. My love for dressing up has always been steady; what took it to the next level was when I began making my own costumes. After watching a DIY YouTube video in grade seven, I created a costume of Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. I made my own tulle skirt, glued on buttons, and created the lovable character’s face from felt on a white beanie. The costume came out so well that when I wore it to school, parents approached me asking if their child dressed as Elsa or Anna could take a picture with me. 

From that Halloween on, the holiday became about showcasing my artistic abilities. My love for Halloween has carried into my part-time job, where I am notorious for dressing up as my coworkers. This began with my co-worker in the pizza department, a baker named Paul, who was my first victim of impersonation. This is only humorous if you know what he looks like. He is a 65-year-old man with white hair and a moustache, blue eyes, glasses, and a big belly. The costume caused such a ruckus in the store that I continued dressing up as other workers over my years there. To this day, I am well recognized by co-workers, friends, and family for my notorious costumes, so I encourage everyone to think outside the box and be creative on Halloween.

Staff Writer (Volume 50) — Karissa is a fourth-year student pursuing a Specialist in the Digital Enterprise Management program. When she's not studying marketing, you can catch her at the gym doing yoga or hanging out with her friends playing poker. Karissa loves writing about movies, music, and anything that she's passionate about. She can talk about horror movies and heavy metal music all day! She also enjoys baking, reading, and fashion.

Associate Opinion Editor (Volume 50) —Tia is a third-year student completing a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. She uses The Medium as an outlet to do some creative writing that can't be expressed through the countless academic papers she writes during the semester. When she's not writing for the opinion section, you can find Tia getting gains in the gym, working at the campus pool, or volunteering with UTM ECSpeRT!


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