Ask Max: Pawfect places to be on campus

Dear Max, 

I’m a first-year at UTM and really haven’t been able to check out the campus much, except for finding my way to class. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for places to hang out! 


  • An Academic Explorer

Hello hello!

You’ve come to the right place! Being a service dog on this campus has taught me many things: where to get the best food, the best nap places, and where I can find other dogs that visit our school. Here’s my ranking of the places I love to be when I’m working at UTM. 

  1. The Medium’s office

Of course, I have to tell you about The Medium’s office. The people are great, the couches are great, and there are these really big windows that let you see everything outside… when you are still inside!!! You don’t have to be part of The Medium’s masthead to come check out the office. Just knock on the door, and one of our many editors would be happy to have a chat with you! They also keep tons of tasty treats in there for me.

  1. The Communication, Culture, & Technology (CCT) building

If you’re looking for a place to study, I think the CCT building is the perfect spot (and it just so happens to be my favourite spot on campus)! Lots of chairs and spots to sit. Lots of windows for you to sunbathe next to. But, most importantly, if you go for a walk down the endless hallway after a long day of hard work, you will eventually get to Starbucks, where they give out free Pup Cups. What a steal! 

  1. The trails

There is no better way to get your daily walk in than to follow the trails! There are lots of trees, things to smell, and people to meet! Plus, if you’re looking for a chance to chase some squirrels or bark at some deer, the trails are the best place to be.

That’s it from me! If you’re looking for more things to do on or around campus, our videographer, Nik, has just filmed a video with more information, which you can check out on The Medium’s YouTube page (it happens to have other campus dogs in it and not me, but we’ll forgive him this time). 

Until next time, 


Ask Max Columnist (Volume 50) — Max is a Colombian-Canadian service dog with a passion for helping people. As a coordinator of pawsitivity, he’s always happy to give cuddles, hugs, and barks of encouragement. You can catch Max in The Medium's office, or around campus. He loves long walks, Starbucks runs, and playing with his ball!


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