Editorial: A new year, another lockdown
We should focus on our mental health and emotional wellbeing instead of spending our precious energy protesting another lockdown.

For many of us, the Covid-19 pandemic has been nothing but an exhausting and endless roller coaster ride. For others, the pandemic has dispensed a sense of relief from work or school commutes and of course, social anxiety. With the new year inaugurating yet another lockdown and a few more weeks of virtual learning, raising the question of whether we are mentally and financially equipped to endure it warrants the need to familiarize ourselves with some coping strategies.

According to a report by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, youth are at a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health as opposed to other age groups. Specifically, 48 per cent of youth report feeling isolated and lonely while struggling with balancing mental health and schoolwork. 

During these times, we should allow ourselves to enjoy hobbies that distract us from the real world. Whether that is writing, cooking, creating catchy Spotify playlists, or even meditating, these activities can help us achieve a sense of comfort that we all need. 

There is no telling about what the future of Ontario will look like. The government will continue to produce their own decisions without taking into consideration how they can impact the mental and social health of the community. Many are complaining, putting out valid concerns, but forgetting to think about what they can control in the moment. Rather than often unproductive protesting, we must spend this time doing what we can to connect with others and ourselves to maintain our emotional and mental health.


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