Welcome to In Touch — Editor’s Note

When life rushes by, it’s easy to feel a looming sense of disconnect—between our families, with ourselves, and with the world around us. Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that connections exist everywhere. Whether it is the bond between two atoms, a kiss between two lovers, a story passed down through art, or a smile between strangers—even the smallest interactions bring people together.  

At the start of Volume 48, the themes for our two magazines came simultaneously, like a set of complementary equals. The ‘Moving Still’ magazine, published in November 2021, explored how people perceive, experience, and thrive in isolation. It was clear that we all had different relationships with isolation, and that isolation was neither good nor bad. As the antithesis to our first edition, we now invite you to the ‘In Touch’ magazine, which untangles the invisible threads of connection coursing through our everyday lives.

One example of disconnect can be viewed in those who experience dissociation and struggle to make sense of reality, as read in Manjot Pabla’s story, which utilizes printmaking as an analogy for healing. Sometimes, the disconnect is experienced between oneself and society, as illustrated by Aroni Sarkar, who tells a tale about growing up amongst diverse cultural identities. Other times,  speech disorders make communication with our loved ones difficult, which Dalainey Gervais explores in a personal essay reflecting on the experiences of her cousin and brother. 

One of the only constants in life is change, which Juliana Stacey distinguishes through two romances sparked 70 years apart, transformed through technology. In her poem, Paige France calls us to embrace our differences and realize that we cannot move forward without each other. Julia Skoczypiec turns down the volume of distractions and encourages us to listen to the rhythms of life. And finally, in our pieces, we explore the tension within immigrant families, and how art can be the power that unites us all. 

We hope that this collection of fiction, essays, poetry, and art will help you stay ‘in touch’ with the soil from which you grow, knowing fully that our differences and disconnects are part of what connects us all. 

Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor, Volume 48

Editor-in-Chief (Volume 48 & 49) | editor@themedium.ca — Liz is completing a double major in Chemistry and Art History. She previously served as Features Editor for Volume 47, and Editor-in-Chief for Volume 48. Liz is extremely excited to have spent her time as an undergrad at The Medium, and can’t wait to inspire others and be inspired in her final year at UTM. When she’s not studying, working, writing, or editing countless articles, you can find her singing Motown hits at her piano, going on long walks by the lake, or listening to music. You can connect with Liz on her websiteInstagram, or LinkedIn.

Managing Editor (Volume 48) | managing@themedium.ca
Elisa graduated with a double major in Psychology and Professional Writing and Communication in 2021. She previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of Compass Volume 8. If you ask Elisa what she's passionate about, she'd reply, "I don't know. Everything, yet nothing, I guess." If you ask Elisa what she wants to be when she grows up, she'd reply, "I don't know. We'll see." Well, at least Elisa is confident about her love for The Medium. Her thirst to understand why things are the way they are means you'll probably find her immersed in books, film, and other modes of culture in her free time. Connect with Elisa on her website, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


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