Valentine’s Flash Fiction/Non-fiction

A Valentine’s dream
Jada D’Sa

It’s the night of February 13 and I’m awake cutting paper hearts in 20 different colours. I wipe glitter off my face and hands and hair and floor. I love Valentine’s Day, but it’s not much fun when everything is frozen! A frigid month chosen for such a warm holiday. The clock hits midnight as I scribble love notes to my friends and stuff chocolates in my backpack. The dark clouds that blanketed the winter sky are now glittering and pink, and the snow that once blocked my car in the driveway has turned into bundles of red roses. 

Candy grams: a sweet tradition
Mannal Qureshi

Candy grams, stemming from 1960s American high schools, blend fundraising with personal expression through candy attached to customized notes. This concept rapidly gained popularity, allowing students to convey affection with a simple, cost-effective gesture. The anticipation of receiving candy grams from friends, teachers, or admirers transformed this into a cherished school event. Beyond educational settings, candy grams became a symbol of thoughtfulness in offices and community celebrations. Despite the rise of digital communication, the tactile joy of receiving a candy gram persists, underscoring the enduring power of personal, tangible gestures in expressing kindness and connection in our fast-paced, digital era.

One Comment

  1. So good, I love getting valentine gifts from my bestie Jada.
    My driveway was also blocked by roses, how funny.


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