The M’s Playlist: Samira’s March of Memories

I come from a diverse background. Having lived in many countries, each with their own unique culture and way of life, I encountered a wide variety of music. But amid these different rhythms, I find myself gravitating towards pop songs sung in many languages. Even if I can’t understand the lyrics, the melodies speak to me in a universal language that sparks my curiosity and sometimes even nostalgia. 

I love to discover unfamiliar artists and explore new music. In fact, I find some of my favourite songs when I am introduced to them by friends. In high school, my biology teacher would ask us to create playlists, which she would play before the start of the class. My love for diverse music must have caught her attention because she told my parents that she thought I wanted to become a musician. 

It’s fascinating to see how music can bring people together and help us find common ground regardless of where we come from. In this playlist, I have included songs not in my native languages, such as “Sar Bu Şehri” in Turkish, and “Jonim” and “Layli” in Uzbek. Additionally, I have added Arabic songs by Nancy Ajram and DYSTINCT, including “Ehsas Jdid,” which portrays a touching love story between Ajram and a deaf man. I always get emotional watching this song’s music video

Some of the tunes on this playlist are a mix of languages, such as “KALMADIN” by Amor999 and Lizzy. I invite you to listen to each song and discover the beautiful rhythms that I hold dear. Who knows, you may even discover a new favourite song or artist. So, sit back, relax, and let the music take you to new and exciting places. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Photos Editor (Volume 49; August-December, Volume 50) — Samira is pursuing a Neuroscience Specialist while simultaneously learning and building skills in Photography. She is inspired by seeing the impacts of visual communication on people’s perspectives, understanding, and behaviour. She seeks to cultivate a safe environment where students express their creativity freely and convert their passions into purposes. In her free time, she is probably at the beach or fighting over the last piece of nachos.


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