The beauty of your body: a painting in the mirror for every woman
Every gesture in the curve or straightening of the fingers is artistically expressive and gorgeous—so too is the body of a woman.

I personally have always been in awe of and adored the anatomy of all bodies. The intricacy of the muscles creates unique contours and depth in the body of every person. Women’s bodies, specifically, have various forms and shapes. Join me as we recognize and appreciate the beauty of women.

Women’s bodies come in various forms and there is no such thing as an “ideal” body shape, regardless of what some may try to tell you. The shape of women has multiple variations, ranging from the classic “hourglass,” “rectangle,” and “triangle,” to many others, like “spoon” and “diamond.” Women cannot be defined by one form. 

Each body, like art, is unique and expressive through gestures and clothes. Clothing acts as the color in each art piece, while the body becomes the form of every model. The expression of the hourglass is different from that of the spoon, but neither is more sensual or beautiful than the other. I cannot think of a better example that mirrors this than the expression in hands. Each curve and line of a woman’s body is an expression of herself.

There is also a scientific lens to this line of thinking. People are “naturally attracted to shapes with smooth, flowing curves” as “these shapes create a sense of movement and fluidity that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.” This is not to say the curvier one is, the prettier the body. Everybody has curved lines through the make-up of their muscles. Regardless of the thinness or pronunciation of one’s curves, the presence of movement and fluidity in the contours of the muscles remain. All variations of women’s bodies thus have a natural beauty to them that is pleasing to the eye.

One could argue the same about men’s bodies, which is perfectly valid and true. Genders of all kinds have beautiful forms that make up their body. However, women’s bodies tend to be objectified and seen through a lens that obscures their beauty. A woman’s beauty becomes sexual, distorting the artistic beauty of anatomy. It is important to appreciate and love one’s body through an artistic lens to fully recognize the uniqueness of the self and the form of shape, without a shaming or embarrassed gaze. Thus, to all women cis, trans, and gender-fluid, your body is beautiful. The mirror is your canvas that always shows you a model of art: your body. Express it with pride. 


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