Revisiting She Moves 2023: The annual U of T event that honors women’s health  
On March 8, to commemorate International Women's Day, UTM’s RAWC and HCC invited women students to try fun activities and group fitness classes.

Even before I stepped inside, I could feel the upbeat music blasting through the gym. I hurried in, eager to see everything. There was a pop-up desk filled with all sorts of prizes for the first students who attended—a bright orange water bottle, a cool grey fanny pack, and a skipping rope. I walked over to one of the friendly faces at the desk who held out the day’s schedule, which included a map layout of the various stations at the gym. Energy and excitement arose throughout my body, and before even heading over to the Zumba class, I couldn’t help dancing… just a little. 

Female-identifying students were invited to celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. through an event jointly hosted by the Recreation, Athletic & Wellness Centre (RAWC), UTM Moves, and the Health and Counselling Centre at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). 

She Moves is a large-scale tri-campus event, with each campus offering something unique. UTM held a variety of twenty-minute fitness sessions, with three sessions per hour. Students were able to drop-by according to their schedules and experience group fitness classes including bootcamp, indoor cycling, Pilates, Total Resistance Exercises, yoga, and Zumba. Badminton and Basketball courts were also set up for a lively round of sport. Some students had a splash down at the pool where the latest aquatic additions to the schedule, like Stand-Up Paddle-Board Pilates, were featured. To support students with any other fitness goals, personal trainers were also available for consultations. 

It was a busy day with lots of fun and laughs, and as students walked out the door, you could see how they felt from their beaming smiles as they clutched their stickered sheets—proof they had attended the various fitness sessions—and hugged their prizes in hand. They left happy, empowered, and inspired. 

To explore more fun at the RAWC, sign up and drop-in anytime for group fitness classes or book online for 3×30 minute complementary one-to-one personal training sessions. 


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