Poetry Corner

Hannah Grace Wang

Awakened by the storm,
you’re never the same afterwards.
When it rains, streams become rivers.
Rivers flush away the debris, cleanse the system.

Whatever you’re thinking,
it’s not real. Just a mirage of
the things you’ve brushed aside. 

Don’t turn your eye away from
the phases of the moon, for they all
look different in water.
The cycle persists.

Some things come and go, others
stay with you, always
there’s no escaping the

ever forward, always looking back
Aurora Picciottoli

september burns at the wick 
and the ghosts of all the people i’ve ever loved 
(and lost, and lost, and lost) 
take root in the crawl space under my grandmother’s stairs.
i can feel every iteration of myself dragging her feet 
through the muddied leaves of autumn:
the bitter halflife of childhood.
(a hundred thousand fractals of what was,
what could have been). 
there’s something dangling from the precipice—
an urgent entropy, an unwavering inertia
that surges forward, heedless of our stumbling gait.  
(none of us can go back)
october holds the candle. 
time carries on. 

Kuicmar Phot

Sat in puddles of hair
And pools of cracked fingernails
Bones leather-bound to skin
And teeth weaved into dirt

With one final visit to a grave of lost dreams
And one final letter to a circle of solace
I’ll retreat under the dreary air accompanying midnight’s rain
To smother the murky plummet streaming through the grotto

The bats will guard the echo humming through a hollow cave
And the strangeness of the forest fog as I wait for sun rays
Drowned in a creek of false conviction
And a carpet of mossy faith

I’ll remain in my cave
Until the bread of grief rots
As I preserve what’s left
Of my splintered shell

Arts & Entertainment Editor (Volume 50); Staff Writer (Volume 49) — Hannah is in her final year double majoring in Communications, Culture, Information and Technology (CCIT) and Professional Writing and Communications (PWC). In her spare time, Hannah runs her sticker shop The Aesthetics Studio and listens to podcasts while drawing. Hannah’s previous publications include PWC’s official journal of creative non-fiction in Mindwaves Vol. 15 and research in Compass Vol. 9 and 10. She also served as an Associate Editor for Compass Vol. 9 and Vol. 10. Hannah was a Staff Writer for The Medium Vol. 49 and 50 before becoming the A&E Editor. You can connect with Hannah on LinkedIn.

Staff Writer (Volume 49) — Kuicmar is completing a Forensic Biology specialization and a Creative Writing minor. This is Kuicmar’s first year as a staff writer for The Medium. She usually writes for the Opinions and Arts and Entertainment sections. She can’t wait to share her thoughts, opinions, and poetry. When she’s not studying or writing, you can find her watching movies, shooting arrows in archery, updating her Letterboxd, watching F1 content, reading NASA articles, or listening to music. You can find Kuicmar on her Instagram and Linkedin.


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