Looking for employment opportunities? The Get Hired Fair’s got you covered! 
The upcoming Get Hired Fair is a great opportunity for all students to connect with employers and learn about what can make them stronger job candidates.

Being an undergraduate student can seem overwhelming at times, as everyone deals with unique challenges as they navigate academics, employment, and adulthood. When it comes to professional experiences, some students have difficulty knowing what opportunities are available for them, and others find it daunting to choose from the vast number of career options that speckle the job market. Regardless of where students are in their professional journeys, the Get Hired Fair, happening on September 20, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Recreation, Athletics, and Wellness Centre, can help connect students with potential employers in various areas of work, volunteerism, and internships. The fair is managed by Vanisa Dimitrova, an Industry Engagement Specialist at the Career Centre.

The Medium spoke with Jason John, an Assistant Director for Employer Relations and Marketing at the Career Centre, in an email to discuss this year’s fair and what it entails for students. John says that “the Career Centre continues diversifying the employers requested to participate on Campus at the Get Hired Fair […] and that the [Career Centre] prides [itself] on the various organizations that seek to hire students from the fields of Arts, Science, and Business – both at the undergraduate and graduate level.” 

Along with a broad selection of employers and opportunities, the Get Hired Fair is also a low-stakes environment in which to network and ask important, individualized questions. Students may ask specific employers about their candidacy as a student, their company’s core values and principles, and the work required for a particular job. Normally, these types of questions or concerns would be brought up during a formal job interview, but connecting with employers at the Get Hired Fair is a great way to establish meaningful connections and explore if a particular position is right for you prior to the interview stage. John explains that “there is greater forgiveness provided when you make a mistake in your undergrad years versus when establishing your credibility as a professional.”

So, what can students do to best prepare for the fair? It is generally recommended that students come in with a strong understanding of their professional aspirations and how their past experiences have made them more employable. A genuine attitude is also indispensable when securing positive first impressions. 

It is also important to note that another Get Hired Fair will be held on January 17, 2024. Between now and the winter semester, students can utilize the resources and guidance available at the Career Centre to refine their resumes. According to John, “it would be highly recommended to follow the UTM Career Centre on both Instagram and LinkedIn to find out about upcoming opportunities,” and for soon-to-be graduates, it is advised that they fully explore the Career Centre website and CLNx to learn about resources for helping graduates utilize their potential in an evolving labour market. 

Getting started with one’s career, or advancing into it, can be filled with uncertainties and challenges. However, events such as the Get Hired Fair and more can significantly reduce those burdens on students as they explore and delve into their professional aspirations.

Associate Opinion Editor (Volume 50) — Mashiyat (”Mash”) is a second-year student completing a specialist in Neuroscience and a double minor in Biology and Professional Writing and Communications (PWC). As an associate opinion editor, she hopes to use her voice to encourage others to write freely and unabashedly about the things that mean most to them. In her free time, Mash can be found striking up conversations with strangers in the city, cooking for her family, and being anxious about her nebulous career plans!


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