From Liz, With Love: Rekindling a friendship one text at a time
Friendships drift apart, but it is never too late to catch up.

Dear Liz,

I used to be very close friends with this girl for a few years. Then, the pandemic hit, and she stopped talking to me. The friendship didn’t end on bad terms, it was more that life (school, work, stress) got in the way, and we slowly drifted to the wayside. At first, I was rather sad and confused, but after eight months of no communication in either direction, I made peace with the situation. On occasion, I wonder how she’s doing and whether I should reach out. One part of me worries she no longer wants to be friends, while another worries that she does and feels similarly hesitant to message me. How much time and space apart becomes too much time and space?

Sleepless in Scarborough

Dear Sleepless in Scarborough, 

The answer is pretty simple, message her! If you’re spending so much time thinking about it, there must be something you miss from your friendship with her. 

Whether it’s a misunderstanding, bad blood, or as you say, drifting to the wayside, reaching out to those around you can make a difference. You don’t have anything to lose. It’s never too late to catch up. Especially if you think of the person often.

The pandemic has been overwhelming for us all. We’ve distanced ourselves from those around us to take care of ourselves and make sense of the situation. There’s no blame here.  

If you really need the full answer, here’s a possible text for you to send: 

Hey! How are you doing? And how haven’t we spoken since last March!!? I was thinking about you today and that one time (insert shared memory). I’d love to catch up sometime soon.

With love, 

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