From Liz, With Love: Don’t be a casualty to the Love-Bomb

Dear Liz,

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he was pestering me for not being ready to say “I love you” back to him. I do like him, and he’s never been demanding before. We’ve been dating two months and I just don’t feel like saying it, but he kept bringing it up every hour we spent together. Was I too harsh in breaking up with him?


Dear Confused_Sad_Girl_1992,

I’m so proud of you, soldier, for not falling victim to the “Love-Bomb.” Can’t say I’ve done the same… 

The Love-Bomb is when your partner showers you with excessive attention and admiration to make you feel dependent and obligated to do the same back—which is extremely manipulative. Almost like Dean building a car for Rory in Gilmore Girls

My Love-Bomb tale happened late one night—1:15 a.m.—at Exhibition Go, just as I was about to catch the last train home. We had spent the whole day together and it was nothing short of magical, but it also felt fresh, young, and innocent. He told me he loved me in between kisses—I panicked and said it back. 

I’m not sure if I meant it in the moment, I don’t think I did. Yes, over the next months, I started to mean it, but I do wish I had waited until it felt right. 

Being open to love and affection is a vulnerable experience, but it shouldn’t be one forced onto you. We all desire love—the kind that gives us butterflies and makes us want to throw up from excitement. The kind of love that gives you that magical leg pop after your first kiss, just like in The Princess Diaries. But love happens at your own pace. And the right person will go at the speed that makes you feel most comfortable.

So Confused_Sad_Girl_1992, no need to be a sad girl for choosing to prioritize your truth and genuine love. This guy forcing you to say something you don’t truly feel is an attempt at stripping away your autonomy. You are your own person, meant to do things on your own time. 

With love, 

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