For Women

Well tell those goddamn
supreme court spineless pricks
to keep their clean fingernails
out of my uterus I mean seriously
I think they forgot what century we are in
or perhaps they are trying to build
their own new not-women century
a neo sort of one I think
where they want their shiny brand of freedom
but not for women and not for me
and when I defend my rights as a woman being
I am given crossed arms and armed threats
about my pyre stakes for stating my woman opinion
against the skeletons in the supreme court closet
on Twitter which was bought by the not-woman
whose face looks like the not-she sucked a lemon dry
before the not-she dumped 44 billion dollars into a website
before Planned Parenthood or my women’s rights
and underneath that sea of boiling threats
there’s another 20 replies about Jesus and God
and how Jesus with a sword
or a snake
or the barrel of a shotgun to my face
that has more rights than me
is going to avenge
all of those fertilized eggs I have mercilessly slaughtered
well guess what
my women are being slaughtered in the streets
for being women beings
so where are my woman rights
you best keep your not-she God
and your skeleton hands
out of my uterus.


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