Everything students should know about the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair
UTM’s Graduate and Professional Schools Fair is here to help students understand graduate schools’ expectations and build successful applications for their future educational pathways.

As the winter months approach, many students at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) are thinking about building and refining their graduate school applications. Pursuing graduate studies is a daunting ordeal, but UTM’s annual Graduate and Professional Schools Fair (GPSF) is here to help students become successful and confident applicants for their future studies. 

On September 13, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the annual GPSF will be held in Gym A/B. The GPSF project planning was managed by Shanzey Ahmed, an Industry Engagement Specialist at the Career Centre. The fair will be a space where students can connect with program representatives from a diverse range of graduate programs at various national and international universities. Students can also ask questions on an individualized basis and glean insight into what academic options are available and best fit their professional and personal goals. 

The Medium spoke through email with Jason John, Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Marketing at the Career Centre, about the central aims of the GPSF. Asking targeted questions and having a refined understanding of one’s professional interests and goals is a key step in ensuring students make the most of their time at the GPSF. With this in mind, according to John, “It is highly recommended that students look at the floorplan, which is available on this page, and start researching the institutions that are visiting so they are knowledgeable about [their] areas of interest and can ask questions that will enable them to understand potential educational pathways better.” 

Conducting thorough research into programs and institutions and weighing the pros and cons of each pathway is vital to making informed decisions about one’s future. The GPSF is a “great place” to start doing so, says John, because “[f]or students closer to graduation, talking with representatives can help them understand the philosophy and values of the program, what they look for in a candidate, and the competitiveness of the application.”

To prepare for September 13, students can utilize the Career Centre and their vast array of resources. For example, students can access resources such as sample questions and tip sheets that raise important points all prospective graduates should consider when planning for their futures. Other resources include workshops designed to support future graduate students, sessions to review personal statements, and personalized appointments with career development professionals who can help students explore and contextualize their unique career or educational pathways. 

There are also many students who are not sure whether graduate school is right for them. They too can drop by the UTM Career Centre, located in the William G. Davis building (DV 3094), for a casual visit, or book a personalized appointment by phone (905-828-5451) to explore professional possibilities and understand their personal goals and ambitions. 

Associate Opinion Editor (Volume 50) — Mashiyat (”Mash”) is a second-year student completing a specialist in Neuroscience and a double minor in Biology and Professional Writing and Communications (PWC). As an associate opinion editor, she hopes to use her voice to encourage others to write freely and unabashedly about the things that mean most to them. In her free time, Mash can be found striking up conversations with strangers in the city, cooking for her family, and being anxious about her nebulous career plans!


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