Editorial: You are you, the one and only

This world is dripping with colours—some the likes of which you’ve never seen before. 

Everywhere you look, there’s a new sensation to be experienced. Between book pages and bus seats, under fingernails and on hiking trails, in classrooms and courthouses—this world is saturated with dances you’ve never danced, songs you’ve never sung, flavours you’ve never tasted, and feelings you’ve never felt. 

Many of us spend our days on this Earth living vastly, fearlessly, and unencumbered; we spend our waking hours delightedly drinking in all that’s newfangled, blissfully basking in the electrifying ocean of the unfamiliar. Our sleeping hours are filled with visions of the future, where we take what is, bend it, twist it, and stretch it into what could be. 

Diversity, joy, and outrageousness are all forces that inspire change, growth, and learning in our communities. Our world is enriched, punctuated, and made whole by the uniqueness of its individuals.

To acknowledge one’s own queerness is a declaration of love, of self-expression, and of honesty. It’s a celebration of the bits and pieces of you that don’t fade, complacently, into the background of our society. It’s to recognize the beauty of a resolute tulip, standing proudly in a field filled with roses. 

You are you, the one and only. 

Join us this week in celebrating the colourful, insightful, bold, and tenacious voices of our LGBTQ2S+ community here at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Editor-in-Chief (Volume 50); Managing Editor (August-November, Volume 50); Copy Editor (Volume 49) — River recently completed his HBA in Political Science. He is deeply passionate about social justice and law and is always learning more by connecting with members of the UTM community. In his spare time, he can be found playing video games and jamming out on the guitar.


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