Dear Younger me,

Dear younger me,

I’m you from the future. You’re 22 years old now, soon to graduate from U of T, and you just got your 2nd degree black belt. Despite these good things, there’s been some hard years. I don’t say this to scare you, just to tell you what I wish I realized earlier.

Spend more time with your family. Sleep over at Nanna and Nannu’s more often. You won’t fail out of school if you skip one week to go on vacation with your family. I’ve done it now and been fine—you can do it in high school.

You never know when will be the last vacation, last sleepover—last ANYTHING—until it is too late. Pretend everything is the last time.

Sometimes shitty things happen and there’s no reason for it. Not everything happens for a reason, it just sucks and you just have to deal with it. It will be really hard and things will change, but you’ll get through it.

– 22 year old you

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