Canada’s airline industry faces turmoil as Lynx Air ceases operations

Last month, Calgary-based airline Lynx Air announced its closure and filed for creditor protection, sending shockwaves through Canada’s airline industry and leaving passengers scrambling for alternatives. The airline launched operations in April 2022 and ceased operations at midnight on February 26.

According to a statement released by Lynx Air on X, the decision to shut down stems from several financial complications. The airline cited inflation, fuel costs, exchange rates, regulatory expenses, and the intense competitiveness of the Canadian market as factors involved in its downfall. Despite efforts to tackle these challenges, Lynx Air ultimately found the situation very challenging.

A spokesperson for Lynx Air expressed regret over the impact of the shutdown on passengers, stating that “Every effort is being made to assist passengers at this time.” Passengers with existing bookings have been advised to contact their credit card companies to secure refunds for pre-booked travel. The abrupt closure has left many travellers stranded and seeking alternative arrangements to reach their destinations.

In a statement on X, Canada’s Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, urged Lynx Air to prioritize assisting affected travellers. “I expect Lynx to help you get back home as soon as possible,” Rodriguez stated, going on to emphasize the importance of ensuring that passengers are promptly refunded if their fares are not honoured.

This is not the first time airline closures have impacted travellers. Canada’s airline industry has been witnessing a series of consolidations and closures in recent years. The closure of Lynx Air adds to the ongoing turbulence within the industry. The departure of newer low-cost carriers like Swoop and Lynx Air and WestJet’s acquisition of Sunwing Airlines have raised concerns about reduced competition and potential fare hikes.

According to John Gradek, a lecturer at McGill University’s aviation management program, Canada’s aviation industry has lost more than 40 per cent of its players in the past year. Gradek told CTV News, “The fewer competitive entities you have in Canada, the less pressure you have to be price-competitive,” highlighting the implications of shrinking competition in the Canadian aviation industry.

The impact of airline closures is more than just an inconvenience for passengers. With a shrinking market, the aviation industry faces reduced services and higher ticket prices. Routes such as Edmonton-Winnipeg and Calgary-Saskatoon have experienced a significant decrease in flight options leading to choices for passengers and escalating fares.

Lynx Air’s closure highlights the challenges that budget airlines in Canada are encountering. Steep airport rents, security fees, and fuel taxes have driven up costs and made it tough for budget carriers to stay competitive. Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair Airlines, emphasized the financial burden imposed by additional charges, telling CTV News that it “makes a difference between traveling and not traveling.”

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In a public statement, Lynx Air thanked its customers for their loyalty over the past two years. “We are thankful for the loyalty of our passengers who valued our ultra low-cost carrier model. We know this is a shock to many and our goal is to make the wind down of our operations as seamless as possible. It has been a privilege to serve you.”

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