Brushstrokes of the Past

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), once Erindale College, began its history in the early 1960s when a timid building, set upon the valley of the Credit River, was constructed. The story commenced on the lands of the Huron-Wendat, and most recently the Mississaugas of the Credit River. From new seeds to large oaks, an ecosystem of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity was born. 

The monuments and architectural works across campus act as tangible reminders of UTM’s history. Within our campus walls, our spirits will continue to exist well into the future as we celebrate culture, develop research, and expand the creative limits of student journalism. 

The Erindalian (1968–1973), Erindale College’s first student-run newspaper was founded by Robert Rudolph and Doug Leeies. The proceeding name of Medium II (1974–1994), and now The Medium (1995–present), followed in the footsteps of The Erindalian as the confident and unapologetic voice of the students at the university. Leeies said, “It all started on a shoestring budget upstairs at Colman House. Erindale was a blank canvas, for us. Nobody else was doing what we were doing; we were cutting our own trail.”

In time, students and staff painted the legacy of UTM in bold hues, bright tones, and vibrant dyes on the once blank canvas. Every decision was a brushstroke across the purposeful history of UTM. Today, the picture of UTM is celebrated; our colours of the past are well blended into our present and future. 

The painted canvas or in other words, our life, can be compared to a picture book. As our fingers flip through the colourful pages, the images gradually reveal a story. And despite each page appearing separately, all parts of the story exist simultaneously. Hence, if we only focus on the present, we will fail to understand how the present came to be. A story will never be fully understood if the beginning is forgotten. 

Therefore, we require collections of our memories to last. To me, photography is the medium that allows us to capture every moment eternally. We can remember our ancestors, create traditions, and reflect on victories and failures alike. Photography allows us to find wisdom in difficult moments and share our emotional triumphs. It grants us the entire perspective. I hope that as we take time to look at the images of UTM, we recognize the legacy of our modest beginning and the ambitions of our present and future.

Photos Editor (Volume 49; August-December, Volume 50) — Samira is pursuing a Neuroscience Specialist while simultaneously learning and building skills in Photography. She is inspired by seeing the impacts of visual communication on people’s perspectives, understanding, and behaviour. She seeks to cultivate a safe environment where students express their creativity freely and convert their passions into purposes. In her free time, she is probably at the beach or fighting over the last piece of nachos.


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