Art at UTM: The Crochet Club
The president of the UTM Crochet Club talks about welcoming new crocheters and plans for the club.

Looking to express your creative side? From yarn to painting, art for a cause or art for yourself, the University of Toronto Mississauga’s (UTM) vibrant artists and artisans are all around campus. The Medium took a closer look at UofT’s art community by speaking with Sophia Alonzi, co-president and founder of the UTM Crochet Club.

Alonzi knew people had an interest in crochet but understood how complicated it looks to beginners. “People always used to tell me that they’d love to learn how to crochet, but they don’t know where to begin, don’t know what supplies to buy, etcetera,” Alonzi said. So, she started the club to bring crocheters of all skill levels together and provide a low-barrier environment where beginners can learn. The Crochet Club has now grown into a space for people to socialize, trade advice, collaborate with other arts clubs, and grow their skills in a community with other crocheters.

The club has several events that don’t require any crochet experience, such as last semester’s crochet basics workshops. Many first-time crocheters turned out for the recent collaboration with UTM’s Creatives for Change Club, where attendees crocheted roses and lavender for Valentine’s Day. “It was really nice to see the more advanced crocheters help their peers complete their first project,” Alonzi said of the event. Working alongside the UTM Literature is Alive Club, they also hosted a coffee and beginner crochet afternoon with performances by student writers.

More experienced crocheters can bring their current projects to the club’s crochet circles to work alongside other enthusiasts. The Crochet Club also accepts volunteers to teach basic stitches to new crocheters.

Alonzi hopes to continue building UTM’s crochet community in the future. “We hope to start some community projects, like a blanket composed of granny squares made by our members. It would be super rewarding to watch it grow along with the club.”

The Crochet Club is always accepting general member signups. You can keep up with their events on their Instagram, @utm.crochet


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