Lavleen Bhachu, Arachne, Digital Art, 2021

Arachne is inspired by the Greek myth of Arachne. Lavleen wanted to show her coming to life from a statue and gave her a mid-transformation from human to spider appearance. Lavleen has enjoyed learning about Greek mythology since she was a child, and the story of Arachne has always been her favourite since she is able to relate to the character in the sense that they are both artists. Arachne used her art to challenge the goddess Athena and make her voice heard, and in the same way, Lavleen uses her artwork to express herself to the world.

Lavleen Bhachu is a third-year mathematics major at UTM. She practices art in her spare time and does freelance commissions on Instagram. She mainly focuses on digital art, but also likes to sketch and paint occasionally. When painting digitally, she creates the illusion of brushstrokes and uneven lines with the help of special digital brushes, and this adds to the realism of the piece. Semi-realism is the most common form of digital painting that Lavleen likes to do, but it can be very time consuming. She loves bringing fictional characters to life, especially those from childhood media. Themes of nostalgia are very prominent in her works.


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