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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New ways to handle assault reports

The Campus Affairs Committee convened last Thursday to discuss the future goals and project plans for UTM. Among the topics discussed were details in...
Series of events and lectures to be held by the English and Drama Student Society
The last CFS membership referendum was held in 2002
New support programs include online grammar sessions

A death certificate for creativity

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to write another editorial on censorship so soon after my last one, but something grabbed my attention last week. Two days ago, I read an article in The Globe and Mail detailing how none other than Nick Mount...
Constant questions about the future have the tendency to make us forget about our present
Headline: Ohio police post graphic photo of overdosed parents in SUV with four-year-old child...

Hart House rolls in with the tide

What defines loss? Is there one, singular way to mourn, or can this act be plural? These are questions Wilfred (Danny Ghantous) must confront...
Students of UTM share the stories and inspiration behind their unique body ink
The Secret Scripture depicts a story of love and betrayal during the final week of TIFF
The Head and the Heart always produce fantastic music, and Signs of Light is...

SciLit Week: not just about learning

On April 2, 2014, Jesse Hildebrand, an ecology major from the University of Toronto, wrote his last exam. Generally, on the day after our...
The Medium explores the support first-generation students have at UTM—and their troubles
Gunning was the first UTM faculty member to present a talk in the 2016 Lecture Me! series
My Lil’ Healthmart is a start-up launched by Tim Decker and Ryan Shelling. This...

The lucrative strategy of the CIS

Ten months ago, a shift in board governance sparked a renewed vision for the future of interuniversity sport in Canada with the arrival of...
Getting to know the High-Intensity Interval Training workout regime, and how it’ll tear you down
A member of our UTM community was representing Canada as a tennis referee in...
Hopefully the future looks brighter for the South Field

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