The process of binding arbitration to reach an agreement between Unit 1 members of CUPE 3902 and U of T is set to begin...
UTMSU commission meeting focuses on strike’s impacts on students and their courses
Ben Coleman and his slate take all executive seats over incumbent slate


The first Sunday I spent in the Medium office, then–features editor Amir Ahmed said he was going to a nearby Thai joint for lunch and offered me a ride. I was a little nervous, not knowing anyone there, but I joined him. If I...
Find your kindred spirits and embrace opportunities while here


If you were a UTM student back in the ’60s, CFRE was all the buzz as Erindale’s first radio station. But it had some...
The UTM Forensic Society put on their annual murder mystery with the help of UTM’s Drama Club
Student Centre plays host to Salam-e-Antakshari in a joint effort by two large clubs on campus
The U of T Dance Festival gathered a multitude of talent


The 110 might be both the most celebrated and the most hated bus route that passes through the UTM campus. Created back in 2007...
Self-help industry perpetuates outdated gender roles, and sex assaults go under the radar
We’ve accepted that it’s enough to just get by
It seems society is adopting a more inclusive vocabulary, but when is it too much?


On Wednesday night, students flocked to the RAWC gym to watch an epic showdown in the Division 1 men’s basketball finals. UTM came into...
Second-year student rises through ranks in weightlifting world
Coach praises Rico as team leader after her first year in OCAA
United 6 and Pk Tun’s year-long rivalry comes to a shocking one-sided finish in cricket final

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