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Monday, May 27, 2019

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Headphones in, volume up, world out

You’ve laced up your shoes, stretched your legs out, and plugged in your headphones. Music blasts in your ears and suddenly you are running...

Goodbye Honolulu on their new album

Toronto band Goodbye Honolulu defies any fixed genre, though critics have tossed around “slasher rock,” “garage” or “indie.”After the band released their newest single,...

The art of Nia Dance

I had no clue what I was in for when I agreed to go to a Nia dance class, one of the many extracurricular...

Drunk on (unexpected) success

There had been much anticipation behind the posters that boasted the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day pub night at the Blind Duck. Wednesday night’s event...

In photos: After School Special a sold-out success

Last Thursday, UTM's radio station, CFRE, hosted the After School Special, a sold-out music event at the Blind Duck which featured performances from Jazz...

Digimon, love, and a new indie album

Unfamiliar with folk music, I didn’t know what to expect from independent folk singer Yanis Khamsi’s new album, Queen Kari.Khamsi mixes traditional sounds and...

Andrew Bird—Break It Yourself

It’s hard to criticize Bird’s style, because he does it so well.

Breakfast—Chiddy Bang

If Kanye West and The Weeknd had a baby, we’re pretty sure it would be Chiddy Bang.

Music really can heal the soul

U of T is planning to create a new centre dedicated to the medicinal effects of music


Adele and Bon Iver make the biggest waves, but what about Kanye?

Local talent on the rise

The Medium speaks with Omar Saab of the up-and-coming Toronto-based band Alright Alright.

Future This —The Big Pink

Big Pink’s sophomore effort doesn’t seem to aim any higher than mediocrity.

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