The Medium‘s Board of Directors Election 2022/23

Once a year, The Medium elects a Board of Directors which comprises the Editor-in-Chief, a non-voting delegate of the university, a non-voting ex-officio member, and five elected undergraduate students. The Board oversees the company finances and adherence to the constitution. They meet twice per year to be updated on the company’s situation and to ratify any top-level decisions or amendments. These are volunteer positions. If you’re interested in business, finance, or publishing—but aren’t a writer—this is for you! BOD members cannot be contributors of the paper.

For more information, see the FAQs and the constitution.

Board of Directors 2022/23

  • Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Provost
  • Five members of the Corporation who have paid their incidental fees (elected): Tugsem Sakarya, Hashir Ali, Mahira Haq, Kayla Tran, Hala Nayef
  • One delegate of the University of Toronto administration appointed by the Editor-In-Chief: Colin McFarlane; Director, Library Operations
  • One non-voting member appointed by the Editor-In-Chief: VACANT